The Architectural Digest Design Show At Piers 92 and 94 – March 21-24

Posted: June 19, 2019 in design, gifts, NYC Art Shows
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The annual Architectural Digest Design Show is held every March at Piers 92 & 94 in New York City.

This 4-day event features over 400 different design companies and covers a wide range of categories that include rugs, furniture, lighting, beds, chairs, hardware and so much more. There are special events such as panel discussions with top design leaders.

Now here are some of the most exciting products and companies on view at The A And D Show:

David Harber

David Harber Exteriors is a company based in Oxfordshire, England. Their creative approach to exterior sculpture is driven by the challenge of each site. The creative style to Harber’s work is a combined use of light and shadow, form and void, reflection and transparency. Harber likes to take rough elements and transform them into smooth sculptural surfaces. His unique style is a married combination of the visual decorative art form and a functional outdoor aesthetic.

His Dark Planet piece is made from hundreds of irregular black puddle stones, painstakingly fixed together to form a unified whole. Thus the raw nature is transformed into a geometric shape. At dusk, light permeates through the fissures between the stones, illuminating Dark Planets’ core to a dramatic effect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Another cool item is Torus. Created in mirror polished stainless steel, the Torus sculpture mirrors its environment and provides a frame, as if inviting the viewer to look through a portal to another world. David Harber’s work has everything going for it: creativity, environmentally friendly and functional with a touch of science fiction and fantasy.


 Livex is a lighting company established in 1993 based in Somerset, NJ. They provide  quality decorative residential lighting at the most affordable prices. Livex products range from lamp shades to chandeliers. The company keeps up with the latest styles and trends and creates a nice assortment of interesting structural images.

Allyson Monson

Allyson Monson grew up in the suburbs of New York. Her style of photography is in her use of color and texture. Most of her photos are shot with a macro lens. Her ability to see ordinary objects differently makes her work more personal. Her imagination has taken The Rolling Stones’ tongue logo and turned it into her own decorative style.


Kino Guerin

Kino Guerin, a Canadian artist from Quebec, was trained in cabinet-making at CEGEP in Montreal. He has won numerous awards in Quebec. Guerin has developed his own molding technique to give hypnotic curves to a usually unyielding material of sweet inspiration and surgical precision. His unique style brings his furniture to life, like a bench inviting you to escape on a flying carpet. His zigzagging book and record shelves have curves going in different directions. Kino Guerin is a cabinet maker that makes fiber of trees dance in the same way that a painter handles pigments.


                 Steven South

Finally, DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids) Dining by Design is another part of The Architectural Digest Design Show. DIFFA has an assortment of artists who have created dining room settings to raise money for AIDS. This is the 22nd edition, and this year’s theme is Unity.
There were quite a lot of creative dining room designs, but Steven South’s installation was by far the best, and also the one most related to the subject of AIDS.

                                                                                                              His creative Past Present And Future collage is a 1980s mixture of pop artists like Keith Haring, who died of AIDS; Andy Warhol;  Ronald Reagan;  punk and new wave. His design sums up 1980s pop-culture to a “t.” South is a senior interior designer associate in New York. His goal is to create spaces for clients that exceed their expectations and are unique and innovative in their completion. He had done a wonderful job for this year’s DIFFA presentation.

And that’s my overview for this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show.

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