Affordable Art Fair at The Metropolitan Pavilion – Fall 2018

Posted: February 22, 2019 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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The Affordable Art Fair is an international art fair held in different cities around the world.

In 2002, the Affordable Art Fair was launched in New York. It’s held twice a year, in April and in September.
Now here are some of my best picks from this past Fall season:
Artist Chris Skeene has put together this series pseudonym called Blockhead. His sculptures are inspired by his collection of Pez dispensers and blind box art toys. Though much of  his inspiration  for his work is from machine-made items, these blockheads are hand carved and painted.
His creative take on such iconic images of famous artist and rock icons like Rene Margritte (collective Invention) and his famous painting of the man in the suit with a green apple on his face; Robert Indiana”s LOVE piece; Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can and David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, makes them his own creations in such a unique way. Chris is drawn to exploring cultural iconography from different sections of society, but with his eye towards art history, music and toys.
Next, we have another artist’s take of his influence on music, art and pop culture.
The artist, known as Srinjoy, with work that examines the theme Utopia. He calls this Utopop. His influences range from pop culture to deep ecology.
His work holds a mirror to reflect the contemporary experience or take the viewer to an alternative world. His take on images of John Lennon puts him in a Superman costume, and turns Andy Warhol into a magician. We can consider Lennon a super hero and Warhol making magic with his art.
But it took Srinjoy to come up with this brilliant idea for his art work.
His work consists of re-imagining Utopian pasts or imagining alternative realms.
Pic 5 Pic 6
And, concluding by keeping with the pop culture theme, we have the artist Cieu.
“Sorry I’m not Robin” is the title of Cieu’s work. His images of Batman and Bowie draw on his figurative graffiti styles with a humorous approach to them. Cieu likes to play with his words as he is deeply inspired by the poetry on his street art canvases.
Cieu, (aka Thomas) began his artistic career as a stage actor, but when he turned 15 he started to tag murals in the streets. Now, Envie Dart gallery  has shown his work in major art fairs around the world, including in New York, England, Germany and France, just to name a few.
Pic 7
This is only an eye-opening glimpse into some of the fantastic art shown twice a year at the Affordable Art Fair.

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