NY Now is the biggest gift show in New York, and it features three different sections: Home, Lifestyle and Handmade.

With over 90 years of history of amazing success, there are always great new exciting products out there to be discovered along with the old standards.

Here are some great products old and new that I found to be the most intriguing:


“Today Is Art Day” were first-time exhibitors at NY Now. Their art history Heroes Collection showcases the likenesses of famous painters, including Magritte, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Leonardo Da Vinci These nicely crafted figures are 5 “tall and made of  quality PVC (plastic). These images are really cool and come in a nicely decorated little cardboard box along with painting images and 10 written facts about each artist. With so many pop culture and superhero figures soaking the market, it’s nice to see images of real painters. The artist heroes are manufactured in China with the collaboration of Symbiotic Studios, a custom USA toy manufacturer.









Another great company is Freaker USA. This Wilmington, North Carolina-based company started in 2011. They make one-size-fits-all beverage insulators to keep your drinks cool with some zany designs and slogans like John Lemon; Crotch Rocket Man; Chile Nelson; and Buns N’ Roses, just to name a few. They also make groovy socks to wear, and now they are living the American Dream.











Byrds Famous Cookies tastes great! This amazing cookie company was started in 1924 by Ben T. Byrd. He began baking small batches of cookies from his bakery in Savannah, Georgia. His product took off very quickly and soon was packaged and shipped world-wide. His trademarked Key Lime Cookie is still the best seller, and after celebrating 93 years of baking, Byrd’s recipe for success includes the tradition of hard work, great quality and fantastic customer service.

I must say, after trying his cookies, they are the best and the Key-lime are ones no one can do any better!








Finally, I bring to you this terrific designer bag company, Fibres Of Life.

They make these incredible hand-made bags, pouches, wallets and other materials with great crafted designs of bicycles, birds, butterflies etc. for everyday use, such as storing power chords, cellphones, passports and small electronics.

All these products are hand felted, sewn and beaded.

This company also is involved in fair trade, and 1% of their sales goes to fighting child labor.

How cool is that!







Now that’s my quick take on The NY Now Summer Trade Show!

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