Erwin Wurm’s Hot Dog Bus at Brooklyn Bridge Park – 6/9-8/26 2018

Posted: August 23, 2018 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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Austrian born sculpture artist Erin Wurm is an artist best known for his strange depictions of everyday life and his humorous approach to formalism. He takes everyday objects like nails and screws and creates breathtaking sculptures that have people wonder what defines a sculpture. These images are pornographic or violent. Wurm’s images are spontaneous and are not crafted in traditional mediums, and, instead, are captured on film. His use of  humor is an integral facet of his work. His goal is to cause the viewer to look closer at the sculpture and find its true meaning.

He has a current Hot Dog Bus set up in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  He transformed a vintage Volkswagen Microbus into an overstuffed, bright yellow food truck that serves free hot dogs to park goers. This is reminiscent of his Fat Cat series that was being shown at Frieze Art Fair. This bus-bloated form will encourage audiences to reconsider the relationship between capitalism and consumption in today’s culture while engaging in the act of eating, according to Wurm.

Now that’s food for thought with a real message.












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