The Affordable Art Fair Spring 2018 – The Metropolitan Pavilion – March 21-25, 2018

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The Affordable Art Fair happens twice a year at The Metropolitan Pavilion. It’s been going strong since Will Ramsay launched the first one back in 1999. The fair’s main purpose is to promote living artists that sell their work at affordable prices, while still maintaining quality artwork.

Here are the latest artists and galleries that I have found the most fascinating:

Samuel Iztueta is an artist from Argentina who is interested in exploring the human condition through time and memory. His work combines surrealism with figurative images of people in outlandish urban settings. He uses varying relationships between subjects and speculation in a most extraordinary way. His human figures have a Francis Bacon feel about them. He is represented by The Imlay Gallery.

Samuel Iztueta

Samuel Iztueta








Gabriele Buratti  was born in Milan. He is fascinated by the physical, anthropic and structural places of the territory that effect his work. He has a very unique way of placing wild animals in urban settings. His use of blackish tones create exciting landscape images like this one of a snow leopard that is sitting in the snow with giant skyscraper buildings in the background. Although his work has a natural landscape feel, there is a bit of humor in the subject matter. He is represented by The Palma Art Gallery.

Gabriele Buratti

Gabriele Buratti








Melisa Mizrakli is a young Turkish artist whose main focus is on the human body. Her use of photographic images of silhouettes of human bodies form an amazing collision. Some of her black and white images of the human form turn into abstractions. The result is a kind of wheel in which the repeated human body gives birth to a brand new vegetable or mineral structure. Thus the human element seems to be transformed into different natural species. Her great use of rendering these images in two versions (positive and negative), along with this couple of examples of her work also calls to mind the yin-yang principle. The most interesting aspect of these images is the recurrent motif of bubbles/dots that either completely replace the heads of her models or makes them more visible through transparency. She is represented by The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea.

Melisa Mizrakli

Melisa Mizrakli








And, finally, Rita Montlack, a Cleveland artist uses her digital and printed photography, that combines music, animation, and creates ugly-chic images and assembles them into a collage. Rita takes her ugly fashion trends and makes them her own wild creations. She is represented By The Harris Station Galley in Cleveland ,Ohio.

Rita Montlack

Rita Montlack








The Affordable Art Fair has quite a range of exciting art that is possible to own!


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