NY NOW – Winter 2018 – The Javits Center – February 3-7, 2018

Posted: May 30, 2018 in design, gifts, NYC Art Shows
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NY NOW is the market for the home with the latest products and handmade trends during the winter season, now with more than 2,300 premier established and emerging brands showcasing many different categories of products from which to choose.

Here are some of my best picks for this Winter season:

A great new product called Showaflops started as a solution to a dirty problem. Evelyn (a self-proclaimed germ-a-phobe) noticed shower floors and recoiled in horror after seeing hairballs, dirt and mold all over. She was weary about entering any public shower without protection of her feet. Most shower shoes, said Evelyn, are uncomfortable, slippery and lack the coolness factor.


After listening to other college students who were staying at dorms and using dorm showers, which was not a nice situation, at that moment the idea for Showaflops was born. Showaflops felt there was a void in the market for safe, bacteria-fighting, quick-drying flip


flops. They researched foot problems relating to fungus and bacteria and how to prevent them. After testing hundreds of flip flops and dozens of different soles to see what provided the best resistance against slipping on wet or slick surfaces, they added unique proprietary holes to improve drainage and faster drying.

The final challenge was to make Showaflops totally unique looking. With over 40 years of combined experience in fashion design and manufacturing, they wanted to fill the



need for multi-functional and cool shower-to-street footwear. Showaflops has created its own category. They have developed flip flops and slides that even the most fashion conscious and finicky wearer wants. And so now people can both protect their feet and stay stylish.

So get your Showaflops on!



Mettie’s Art Bags



Mettie Whipple, an artist based in Maine and owner of Mettie’s Art Bags, creates colorful designs of animals, flowers, seashells and other well made, fine images for her bags. These bags are hand-crafted and sourced in the USA. They are also soil-resistant canvas and leather and double-lined with an interior pocket and a rugged, zippered closure. Her new line of wearable-art handbags and coordinating scarves with vivid colors and eye-catching graphics, along with bold patterns, make a trend-setting statement.


Maptote are not your average tote bags. These hand made tote bags come in a variety of different types, from wine bags to zip pouches along with cutting edge designs. It all started in 2006 when Michael and Rachel took a trip to Germany and saw grocery stores selling simple reusable tote bags. They brought some home as gifts for friends and soon realized they wanted a tote for the own city: Brooklyn.

And voila – Maptote was born!





NailPoint Art turns your photos into 3D nail art. Nail art is a unique visual and tactile art form that fashions an image from an irregular distribution of nails hammered into a board. Tones and textures are simulated by varying the density of nails with higher densities corresponding to darker tones. Nail art is essentially the 3D analog of stipping/pointillism which are traditional artistic methods for rendering images using dot patterns. This company uses nails instead of dots to produce stunning 3D art.





Branché makes exceptionally smooth, glossy and luxurious silks and  amino-acids that resemble those found in human skin, creating a perfect synergy and a balanced pm that helps boost skin hydration levels. These products are based on the national healing and restorative properties of silk to provide pampering and rejuvenating sleep experience. The benefits of Branché products include the prevention of wrinkles; boosting skin hydration; reducing hair loss, frizzes and tangles; extending the life of favorite hair styles; plus adding volume and shine.



Wexel Art frames offer a contemporary way to showcase art, photos and keepsakes, and the ability to change them easily and often. It all began in Austin, Texas, with just one clear, single, acrylic frame and strong magnets to hold art and to allow an easy-to-change experience. For the first time ever in New York, Wexel is showing double panel frames that sandwich art between two panels as well as their new modern tabletop frames, all on display at NY NOW.

Wexel Art Frames

What an ingenious idea!

And that’s my brief summary of some of the best products from The NY NOW Winter show.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the summer edition of NY NOW!

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