Spring Break Art Show 2018 – 4 Times Square – March 6 -12 2018

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Once again, for the second year, the Spring Break Art Show was held at 4 Times Square. This is a New York City curator-driven art fair with a more non-commercial feel during Armory Arts Week. The show was put together again by the curator couple Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori, and the space was provided by Chashman.

Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori

This year’s theme, “Stranger In a Strange Town,” was based around that adage. There are only two stories: 1) a hero goes on a journey and 2) a stranger comes to town. America has consistently mobilized one against the other – yet, more than any other country, we are all entire strangers against the backdrop of our current national divides. And so, 150+ curators will explore notions of foreignness, migration and assimilation and the tensions of the mating of opposites. There are curators and artists hailing from New York City and Los Angeles, as well as international locations,  including Toronto, Mexico City  and Tokyo, just to name a few.

Every year Ambre and Andrew hold a quick satirical press conference. This year they were live in the oval office designed by Macon Reed, an artist that works in sculpture, installation, video and more.

Calli Moore, an Iowa native, is now a Brooklyn-based artist that has designed crater-like sculptures and who curated the show “Belladonna” at this art fair.

Calli Moore

artist: Calli Moore

The concept for “Belladonna” is based on the history and figure of the witch, that has been constructed as a mysterious other. The show’s title references the complexity of the witch’s constructed social identity, her danger, power, mystery and desirability, as well as her ability to heal or destroy that which surrounds her.  Moore’s work deals with the physicality of paint as both a material and a form. that creates dense sculpture-like paintings  that stretch way beyond the boundaries of the panel. Her abstracts use mixtures of different materials from crystals, fabrics, acrylic paints and form.

Calli Moore finds objects in hardware stores to create sensual and tactile objects that teeter on the threshold of alien and organic.

Another great artist is C. Finley, who is based in New York and Rome.

C. Finley

artist: C. Finley

Finley is best known for her acrylic-on-canvas elaborate geometric paintings, skillful use of color and her activism through street art. Finley’s use of the color blue stands out in all of her amazing imagery. One of her best paintings, titled “Santa Lucia (The Channel Of Inspiration ),” with a hand holding up two eyeballs attached to a twig, was even made into a paper holder fan as a free takeaway.

And there’s Leigh Ruple, an artist born near Cleveland Ohio who moved to New York at the age of 18.

artist: Leigh Ruple

Ruple uses color pencils to create surreal urban landscapes like one of her drawings titled “Lovers Way (Study).” The work depicts a woman with an umbrella walking down a dark deserted street. The industrial landscape plays an important part of Leigh’s work.

Jeanette Hayes takes parts of pop art masters like Roy Lichtenstein and William De Kooning’s paintings, puts her modern take and style into them with some Japan anime, juxtaposed into pop art manga imagery, and makes it her own creation. She uses a mix of different media that include oil , acrylic airbrush on canvas digital inconography and even photorealistic paintings of iPhone screens.

artist: Jeanette Hayes

Jeff Bliumis is quite an unusual artist. He creates portraits of cultural misfits on oil and linen. He adds humor to his work that has undertones of the political climate that faces immigrants. He himself, having migrated from Eastern Europe to the United states, truly understands the world  that we live in today.

Jeff Bliumis

Well, Spring Break has a fab mix of different types of artists, some with a heavy political message, and others with whom you can escape into a fantasy world.

And that makes for a great art show!

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