Book Expo At The Javits Center May 31 -June 2,2017

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The annual BookExpo America is the largest gathering for book industry professionals in North America. After taking place in the Windy City of Chicago last year, it was a very warm welcome to have the BookExpo back in The Big Apple in New York City.

This year’s expo had tons of booksellers who had set up their booths along with special signings, talks, adult breakfasts, Audio Publishers Association (APA) tea talks and many other fascinating literary happenings.

Here are some of special events that intrigued me:

Science Fiction writer Stephen King, along with his son, author Owen King, was at the adult breakfast to talk about their upcoming book “Sleeping Beauties” that is slated for release by Scribner near the end of September. It was a very brief talk since there were other writers on the bill.

A very funny talk, “Do I Amuse You,” took place on the downtown stage with comedian/actor Denis Leary, who spoke about his book “Why We Suck,” which was published in 2008 by Penguin. He was joined by comedians Isla Fisher (“Marge In Charge”) and John Hodgeman (“Vacationland”).  It was quite an amusing panel of comedians discussing the ups and downs of life that drove them to write a diverse array of books.

Veteran actor Ed Asner was part of a political panel also held at the downtown stage. This heavy discussion, “Politics Present and Past,” was very enlightening as to why history tends to repeat itself. It was also interesting to see Ed Asner in a different light, whose book, “Whose Constitution? An Angry Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Founding Document Against Bigots, Liars and Nutcases,” will be released by Simon & Schuster.

The APA Tea is an author sit-down tea talk that is always a fun event. This year we were honored to have legendary actor Alan Alda in attendance. Alan has put out an audio book from Random House, “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look On my Face?” It was quite a blast seeing him give his humorous viewpoints. He was joined by James Patterson, Marissa Meyer and Daniel Jose Older for an  invigorating afternoon that closed out that portion of the BookExpo.

In addition to these wonderful panels and talks there were plenty of great authors promoting their upcoming books for the fall season.

Jeff Slate is a gifted musician who has played with many famous rock stars. He was set up at a table promoting a book he helped write on Roy Orbison.

Veteran actor William Daniels was at the book signings table signing copies of his forthcoming book from Potomac Books,  “There I Go Again /How I Came To Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT & Many Others.” It’s a delightful book on his longstanding acting career. Mr. Daniels, who was there with his wife, was very charming as he greeted his loyal fans.

An interesting side note: Hillary Clinton appeared for a talk, “An Evening with Hillary Rodham Clinton,” the previous night, on Thursday, June 1, at the BookExpo.That’s my short summary of this year’s BookExpo America. Can’t wait to see what’s in-store for next year!

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