The Affordable Art Fair Fall 2017 September 13-17 2017

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The Affordable Art Fair is held twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. It’s back again at the Metropolitan Pavilion, where it has been for the last couple of years. The fair showcased 48 regional, national and international galleries. This 5-day event  has a wide variety of contemporary art by living artists with affordable prices. With so many inspiring artists, I had plenty of exciting work to write about.

I was immediately drawn to Josefina Wendell Carlsson’s painting called Rock And Roll Tribute. The funny thing is that it’s a painting of a mushroom, not anything to do with a rock band. But it’s trippy psychedelic imagery was quite wonderful to look at. This Swedish artist works both with oil on canvas and watercolor in paper and creates surrealist images that have a fairytale quality about them. Her free-spirited approach to her work conjures up dreamy feelings of joy and happiness.

She is represented by he Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York.

AAF 2931 pic1

David Spiller’s silkscreen image of Sylvester, which is titled “Hold Me,” is quite humorous, as he adds geometric shapes around the famous cartoon cat. This British painter who was born in Kent is best known for his graphic depictions of cartoon characters. The surfaces of Spiller’s paintings have the appearance of something doodled over them, as faces of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are often seen as childlike scribbles and scratches, but David has a very unique way of making them his own wild interpretations.

He is represented by Tag Fine Arts in London.

aaf 2922 pic2

Next are a couple that hail from Down Under. Gillie And Marc are a husband and wife team from Sydney, Australia. Their very humorous and sexual images of bunny rabbits are fascinating. One piece is titled Lolly Rabbitgirl. They work in resin sculptures, paintings and many other forms of media. The clear resin can capture and play with the light in a room to brighten up any space. Gillie And Marc want to add a touch of joy and brighten up the lives of others.

They are represented by The Liac Gallery in Midtown Manhattan.

aaf 2942 pic3

Now Gregory Auerbach  has a much different approach on people. He doesn’t care if his work doesn’t put a smile on your face.

He would prefer if you cried and then he would know he made an impact on his viewers. This LA artist’s style is bold and often confrontational, with a twist of hope and irony. Greg works with a wide variety of mediums ranging from stencils and relative collages, spray paint, acrylics, bullet shells, silk screens, needles, bricks and concrete. He also likes to pay homage and respect to people that he admired.

One such person was the late actor Dennis Hopper. Greg’s uncanny portrait of him is quite remarkable and realistic as though Dennis is looking right at you. But that’s what makes Gregg Auerbach’s art so real and in your face. His piece titled Waiting For Change depicts a New York subway platform bench with all the intense people and homeless bums and hoods.

He has his own gallery in Los Angeles, California.

aaf 2968 pic5

Jeff Chester is a Canadian artist that creates figurative work with a formal focus on color and design. His paintings are a mix between illustration and photo realistic paintings. His image titled Beyond is a side portrait of a woman that is wearing a shirt that has a landscape with grass, mountains, trees, the sky and clouds that looks so real, almost as if the woman stepped into the landscape.  His storytelling in the creation is also a reference to Italian Renaissance portraiture by using the time honored motif of a woman in a landscape. It’s quite an interesting concept of artwork.

He is represented by Decorazon in London.

aaf2934 pic7

And lastly we have Liverpool artist Danny O’ Conner. His work is a combination  of portraits and figures using quite a mix of different mediums, including comics, illustration, tattoo, graffiti, abstract expressionism, cubism, futurism, art noveau, modernism and constructivism.

So Danny’s portraits have almost a 3D feel to them as there is so much depth and color used in his work.

He is represented by Villa del Arte Galleries in both Barcelona, Spain and Amsterdam.

aaf 2020 pic 8

Once again The Affordable Art Fair has proven to show so many exciting new artists that have a lot to say and a very interesting future lies ahead in the art world for many years to come!


  1. Wonderful review as always, Bruce! Hope you’re well!

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