Frieze Art Fair New York Randall’s Island Park – 5/4/2017

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The Frieze Art Fair that started in London has been going strong in New York for the past couple of years.

This year’s fair showcased today’s most cutting edge international artists, a mix of emerging contemporary artists as well as renowned 20th century masters. Frieze New York brings together more than 200 well-known galleries from over 31 different countries.

Here are prime examples of some fantastic work.

Kenny Scharf is an artist who was born and raised in Southern California in the 1960’s. He moved to New York in 1976, and by the late 1970’s was a key figure in the downtown art scene.

His approach to art included cartoon figures infused with caricatures of middle class Americans and an apocalyptic vision of a world that he saw in disarray. The Honor Fraser Gallery that represents him was showing his rare collages and paintings that were made between 1978 and 1984.  They also had on display a Cortelco 2500 touch-tone phone that was actually used for a conversation between Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf in 1979, decked out with pasted-on gems, as well as a period radio boom-box from the same era. It has a very busy visual style, conveying the loud, blasting sound these radios were known for.  However, even the biggest boom-boxes did not cost $40,000, the price on this loud and captivating work of art from Kenny Scharf.


Alfred Leslie has been known as an all around artist of every type of medium, from painter to filmmaker. He has also been known  as a photographer, print maker, draftsman, sculptor, animator, set designer and more. Alfred, 90, has shown no inclination to slow down, as he’s still creating great art.

The Bruce Silverstein Gallery, based in Chelsea and representing Alfred Leslie, has put together a selection of his paintings, mostly from the late 1970’s, titled Americans, Youngstown, Ohio 1977 – 1978, an immense portrait of the local residents still reeling from the tragedy that would continue to unfold. It was reported that a large portion of Youngstown Sheet and Tube, a company responsible for the area’s economy, would be shutting down. This event, still referred to as “Black Monday,” would result in the loss of some 40,00 jobs, decimating the local community. Leslie’s paintings are so realistic that they seem like photorealism. These large-scale paintings are made on grisaille canvas and painted in his characteristically reductive style.


Takeshi Murata works with CGI computer generated imaging and digital animation in a variety of mediums. His most recent works are of familiar objects from the real world. Murata has produced a series of uncanny images of objects that are captivating as well as humorous. He uses pigment prints as his medium for the titles of work on “Squirt Gun”  and “Eagle.”

Rochelle Feinstein’s work often weaves together her own subjectivity with historical and vernacular associations. In some of her work, such as “Joy Ride”  or “The Enigma Project,” slogans from the media are overlaid onto painted, printed or collaged compositions. Her work has a papier mache abstract  imagery, mostly done in the color white. These images might have hidden messages to them but it’s her visual presentation of eye catching sculpture forms that keep Rochelle’s work interesting. She is represented by On Stellar Rays gallery on the Lower East Side.


Two fine artists, represented by P.P.O.W. Gallery in Chelsea, finish up my review.

Anton Van Dalen grew up in the Netherlands during World War II, and later moved with his family to Toronto. Since 1971, he has lived in the East Village. When he came to the city, he found himself among a community of immigrant pigeon keepers. Now he has a single rooftop coop with 35 – 40 Tippler pigeons that he has nurtured for over 25 years. So his artwork titled “The Pigeon Car” from 1987 is one of the first things that you will see when entering the Frieze Art Fair and also the most exciting. His sculpture is of the image of an American car made out of wood and wire shows just the interior with the pigeons perched all around the inside of his car.

I must say that this was one of the most fascinating things that I have ever seen.


Chris Daze Ellis entered the world of art through graffiti writing on New York City streets and subways during the late 1970’s. As a native New Yorker, Daze was caught up in the emerging art scene in New York during the 1980’s and showcased his work alongside such artists as Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat  His first group show was “Beyond Walls” at the iconic Mudd Club in 1981. Looking at his work closely, it  captures so realistically a much different New York that makes me remember when this city was much less sanitized.


Once again, the Frieze Art Fair is one of the most diverse art shows in New York with a wide variety of different styles and concepts.

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