Art On Paper is again at this great space right off the East River Drive on the Lower East Side at Pier 36.This cutting edge art fair is one unique art fair that consists of artwork that’s all done in paper form. Here now are some true forms of fantastic paper art forms.

Let’s get started with David Mach, from Scotland, one of the UK’s most successful and respected artists.  David  has exhibited all over the world. He uses quite a lot of different mediums in his work, from coat hangers to matches. In fact, he has designed some amazing portraits,  all done with matchsticks. The Scotsman describes his work as big on gesture and big in proportion. It demands attention and gets it. He is represented by The Forum Gallery in midtown Manhattan.


Rachel Gardner, who is from Texas and started out as a competitive soccer player, changed careers after a serious injury. She got a BFA in art education, and, after studying painting, she again went into another direction as a paper Mache sculptor. She soon began creating wonderful white wolves that are quite realistic in her execution and knowledge of figurative  art. Rachel says she began creating her wolves in a longing to connect to nature in our fast-paced, white walled society. “They are the cry and the call of the wild,” she says. “Primal creatures encased in a white plastic coating with hollow eyes perhaps represent the battle between what once was and what is today in our connection and disconnection to our natural world.” Rachel Gardner is represented by Cindy Lisica Gallery in Houston.


Next was  a great artist from the far east named Mu Pan, who  paints people with animals and in animal forms that are quite surreal. The work shown here is from his own imagination of storytelling  how he might perceive the world. He is represented by Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Tomoyuki Shinki is an avid sports fan and paints satirical images of powerful muscles of rough wrestlers. He is represented by Gallery Incurve Kyoto in Japan.

IMG_8270 (1)

Kathy Osborn creates highly detailed interior paintings from staged miniature scenes. Each painting tells a story of a relationship in a domestic setting with emotion of drama. Her paintings have a very stylish 1950’s feel to them. She lives and works in Hudson, New York and is represented by Susan Fine Art Gallery on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.


Well, that’s my Art On Paper review right from the drawing board!

  1. Rachel Gardner says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful write up Bruce!! Great blog! Best, Rachel Gardner

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