NADA Art Fair At Skylight Clarkson North March 2-5/2017

Posted: March 16, 2017 in NYC Art Shows
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This is the sixth annual edition of NADA New York, now in its new location in the heart of Tribeca.

NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) is always looking for new ways to bring contemporary  art to the public. NADA is a non-profit model that has always been on the cutting edge side of the art world.

So here we go on a tour of some incredible artists:

– like the work of Louise Bonnet. This Los Angeles-based artist paints wild images of women with no faces, with their long tongues sticking out. They are cartoon-like with an Alice In Wonderland feel about them. She creates a surrealistic atmosphere and makes her paintings transform into obscene shapes and people, but in a very humorous non-threatening way.


Louise Bonnet

–  and Cajsa Von Zeipel. Her sculptures depict female sexuality, and the images show a very different way of portraying
women, in a much more independent light instead of as helpless figures. These are strong images of women. With titles like “Pushing The Wall” and “Queen Of Spades,” Cajsa is a true revolutionary.

Casa Von Zeipel

These two female artists really stand out among all the other wonderful artists that I saw at this years NADA Art Fair!


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