“NY NOW” At The Javits Center 2/4-8 2017

Posted: February 13, 2017 in gifts, NYC Art Shows
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“NY NOW” is the market for home, lifestyle, handmade and gift items. There are 50 states and 80 countries worldwide exhibiting new products and promoting great varieties for every kind of household product. With so many exciting items to view, it was hard to pick out a few.

Here are the most outstanding ones that I was blown away by:

As always, Suck UK comes up with fascinating cutting-edge new products, like this hippo bottle opener. This cool cast iron utensil will open any bottle. It’s got the serious bite.


Even more cutting-edge is the dinosaur case you can carry as a lunch box or to store things inside. But watch out! It’s got a snapping bite!


The bottle light not only makes a great cover but the built-in light comes in an assortment of colors. And, also, the stag utensil holder keeps you from having to hunt around the house for  your cooking utensils. Just place them inside the deer’s head.

img_7657   img_7656   img_7660

Next up was a new company to the show, from Australia, called Tooletries. It was founded in 2014 by two Aussie  brothers with a vision of creating innovative, stylish and functional home and travel products. The Koala & Joey pouch clings to shiny surfaces and tiles and makes it so easy to store your toothbrush and paste. There is the mighty razor holder also, to keep your blades of any size easy to grab. So simple. What a way to go, mate!

img_7655    img_7652

A truly amazing company, 25TOGODESIGN, is a dynamic design team from Taiwan. They are creating some exciting and cutting-edge clothing design.,which include mask hats. The brim hats have faces and also skulls carved into the top. So if you decided to wear the hat on your face it would transform into a mask. I give this company my hats off in total imagination.


Now, Sunnylife, a company founded in 2003 in Australia, makes these incredible inflatable floating  beach and pool animals. There are flamingos, swans, ducks and also cactus and many other cool products.

img_7635   img_7637

And, lastly, Big Mouth, the one American company that makes an assortment of inflatable pool floats, products like giant doughnuts, peace signs, American flags, eyeballs and other humorous products. They also design garden gnomes and an an assortment of wine and beer holders. Big Mouth is quite the party makers!

img_7645   img_7644

That’s my overview of this year’s “NY NOW” Winter edition. Can’t wait till the “NY NOW” summer show!

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