The New York Times Travel Show at The Javits Center 1/27-29/2017

Posted: February 6, 2017 in gifts, Travel
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The Annual New York Times Travel Show has a wide varsity of different events and lectures going on for three exciting days. Here are just a few interesting moments from “Meet The Experts,”  which are talks given by travel guides about their specialties:

Elizabeth Kemble is a CEO and founder of Travellati Tours. She does a “David Bowie’s Berlin” and “Hemingway’s Paris.” Both the musician and writer are identified from these two fascinating cities. David Bowie made some of his most exciting music in Berlin with Brian Eno. Elizabeth Kemble’s tour will show you all the places there where Bowie worked and lived. The same with Hemingway in Paris. Elizabeth’s tours are unique and great for the eclectic music and artist fan.


Next up was “A Taste Of Dumplings,” a Ukrainian traditional dish, before you travel to Ukraine. It was presented by Veselka Restaurant, located in New York’s East Village. There was a demo showing  the ingredients and how the dumplings were made and then they had delicious samples for people to try. The Veselka is one of the great Ukrainian restaurants that has been a staple of Manhattan for over 60 years.


And, lastly, Ed Salvato,  founder of travel company Man About World. His company is designed for LGBT travelers as well as travel professionals interested in learning about trends, destinations, tours, cruises and events. Ed started his company five years ago, but has been in the travel business for quite a while and specializes in gay travel. He is extremely knowledgeable.


In closing, The New York Times Travel Show has something for everyone.

  1. edsalvato says:

    Thanks so much for joining us. Great weekend and fun event!

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