NY Now (formerly The New York International Gift Fair) – August 15-19/2016 at The Javits Center

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The NY Now Show has more the 2800 exhibitors. It’s marketed for  home lifestyle and gifts as a 5 day event. It showcases a wide range of products from baby and child, personal accessories, wellness products, gifts, handcrafts, lifestyle, and fashion industries. With so many wonderful products and companies to choose from, I had to pick the ones that really stood out for me.

So here goes with my tour of the gift fair:

R.Nichols has a great line of greeting cards and products, from the seasonal stuff like Halloween and Christmas, to European culture like the London double decker buses. He began cutting and pasting paper collages in the 6th grade and never  stopped. Each of his products begin the same way: stacks of colored paper; a glue stick; and a fresh pair of scissors. He believes artwork should fill your life. “Art = Joy” –  that’s his mission.


Next up, Gama-Go

This San Francisco company has really fun cutting-edge every-day useful products. There’s the cozy cat coasters for the crazy cat fan that holds the drinks down; a 45-rpm record plate great for spinning snakes around, and is dishwater safe; and also the 45-rpm record coasters that will make every drink a hit!

img_4972 img_4954 img_4953

SuckUK is a London based company with plenty of zany products for everyday use. The G Clamp bottle opener attaches to any surface to open any bottles, and it’s made from cast iron. The cactus coasters come with six cork-covered wooden coasters, lids and terracotta pot. These will make a splash at your next party.

img_4900-1   img_4902

Cerabella is a handmade candle company from Barcelona that’s been around since 1862. Their animal and seasonal candles are the cat’s meow. They have everything from black cats for each Halloween season to balancing elephants, horses and polar bears for all seasons. There are plenty of candle companies out there, but none quite as unique as Cerabella. I guess that’s why they have lasted over 100 years.

img_4957 img_4960

Well that’s my summary from this summer’s NY Now Gift show!

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