NYCxDesign at Wanted Design Brookyn at Industry City 5/7/2016

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The NYC Design shows happen in New York every year in May. They are now broken down to three major shows, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. There is Wanted Design Manhattan, Wanted Design Brooklyn and also Brooklyn Design.

Now I will start with Wanted Design Brooklyn at Industry City.

Industry City has had a new resurgence in the last few years with design companies like Bo Concepts opening a huge show room. This area of Brooklyn is called Sunset Park and is a great place and space for Wanted Designs to emerge! This design fair features designers from all over the globe and also where many art students from New York art schools like Parsons, School Of Visual Arts and Pratt showcase their work .

Here are some fine examples:

Alice Taranto has designed wonderful neon smile faces with tongues sticking out. Her company, Lit, brings you luxurious interior neon for your wall. In fact, it’s so bright that it jumps right out at you. She creates each face and mounts them on painted wood panels to keep electrical components  safely out of sight. You can turn up to full wattage or down to a cozy glow with an easy switch on/off. The smooth neon white light will glow nicely to keep your space glowing. Lit is fresh faces inside spaces. Each face is hand-crafted in Brooklyn.

img_3247 img_3257

Check them out at and at

Another fine example of neon light display is by another fine young female artist, Kate Hush. She designs hanging ceiling neon lights.that are truly eye catching.

img_3259 img_3250

Check out neon noir

So my take is that neon is all the rage again at Wanted Design Brooklyn at Industry City.

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