The Big Chocolate Show at The Terminal Stores 10/7/2016

Posted: October 23, 2016 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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The was the first of Big Chocolate shows in New York. There may have been other chocolate shows here, but not the big one.

There were plenty of interesting vendors, products and creativity.

First off was chocolate sculptor Hakan Matensson.He has created some amazing chocolate sculptures over the years and even won a gold medal for one of his pieces. He was exhibiting and creating new works at the show.

You can check out his company at

Next was Moran Etstein, another Chocolate artists

She designs fashion in vintage dresses.She brings together the combination of chocolate and fashion. Her company, Drizzle, also offers fun chocolate workshops for bachelorette parties.

You can check her company out at

Sangriapop has a great line of pop and coffee pops. They have great ice pops that are mixed with coffee and sweetened with pumpkin spice just in time for this Halloween season.

Check them out at


And, lastly, Jacques Torres Chocolate designs all kinds of delicious chocolate for every holiday season. On display were some fine examples of Halloween treats in the shape of witches, ghosts and pumpkins.

go to


Well, there were so many wonderful delightful chocolate exhibitors to see and treat yourself to their products.

  1. Chiara says:

    Hi Bruce, what if someone would like to invite you to an Opening Event? I try to find your email address but couldn’t find it!

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