Brooklyn Designs at Brooklyn Expo Center 5/6-8/2016

Posted: October 23, 2016 in NYC Art Shows
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The Brooklyn Design event, which happens every year during the month of May, is a design show only for Brooklyn-based designers.

This year was another exciting year for new exhibitors showcasing their products.

One extraordinary company that stood out to me was Smash Industries. They are based in East New York and specialize in custom lighting. Their current  products are the Artisan Subway Cars. This series of subway car light fixtures captures graffitied trains from the 1970s. These trains are a true iconic part of New York City history. In this exhibit, the Artisan Subway series in the “Train Yard”and house pop-up gallery shows, they are also collaborating with charity organizations and artists to create trains for gains, as a branch of Smash will be giving back to local communities of East New York. These images that replicate New York City’s subway cars that serve as rich culture is a device that is creative and also helps the community!

img_3211 img_3213 img_3215 img_3217

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