Scope Art Fair is celebrated as the premier showcase of international emerging contemporary art. Now in its 15th year, with over 75 art fairs, Scope is still one of the most important art fairs. Also, Scope is the largest and most global art fair in the world

Here are some quite impressive works of art being showcased:

Matthew LaPenta, an American born artist from Cleveland Ohio, is represented by Axion Contemporary Gallery in Santa Monica. He is best known for criticizing social media with humorous sculptures like smile faces, devils and Kool-Aid cats with hearts eyes and round heads. Matthew explores the relationship people have with technology.

IMG_2455 IMG_2456

Sir Cosby has his own company ClockworkCros. He designs these amazing pop culture clocks of musicians, actors, poets and historical figures. He was born and raised in the Lower East Side and is a surrealist clock maker. He likes to explore the consumption of icons. He manipulates them digitally and then hand cuts the images twice before introducing the working clock movements into the eyes of each image, thus creating working wall clocks. There is quite a selection of images that caught my eye, from David Bowie to Kiss; Jimi Hendrix  to Einstein. He is represented by Rare Gallery.

IMG_2484 IMG_2482  IMG_2478

Next was Christopher Schultz. a native born Los Angles artist works in different mediums to create sculptures and 2D wall pieces. He is well versed in figurative and contemporary sculpture and painting. Chris is always using new ideas and applies many cutting edge tools in technology. He claims that art should never lose it’s aesthetic value. That’s why
his shark sculptures are quite realistic.

Well that’s my scoop on the Scope Art Fair see you next year!

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