Pulse Contemporary Art Fair at The Metropolitan Pavilion 3/3

Posted: May 4, 2016 in NYC Art Shows
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IMG_2425 (1)

The Pulse Art Fair is one of the most exciting art fairs, and has managed to stay at The Metropolitan Pavilion.

Here are some of the talented artists that I encountered there:

Thomas Broadbent is a local Brooklyn Artist that is represented by The Front Room Gallery. His new work, titled “Spaceman,” is an iconic spirit of man floating in space. You can feel his loneliness and fragility. There are other space and moon paintings in his recent show.  Broadbent won the Pulse Award show this year, which is truly amazing, as he is one of the best contemporary artists out there.


Nohra Haime Gallery, in midtown New York, represents many talented artists, but the one who caught my attention was an Italian, Nicola Bolla. His Black Panther Sculpture had a very interesting texture to it. A very interesting fact is not only is Nicola a painter and sculptor, but also a practicing ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. He divides his time between art and medicine. He uses Swarovski crystals for his creations that reveal unique and timeless beauty. Bolla’s work is a deep reflection of modern society and obsession with self image beauty fashion. These twisted deformed images of humans is quite disturbing in a very artistic way.

IMG_2429 IMG_2422

Well I got my finger and eye on the best from Pulse Art Fair 2016! Can’t wait till next year!

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