Art On Paper at Pier 36th 3/3-6/2016

Posted: May 3, 2016 in NYC Art Shows
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Art On Paper, now in its second year, has really taken off. The event drew very large crowds this year.  Unlike other art fairs, Art On Paper’s main focus features works by artists that use only paper, whether it’s for painting, drawing, sculpture or photography.

Here are some exciting new works that were shown at this year’s incarnation:

Laurence Valleres, an exciting new artist who is based in Montreal, creates sculptors of  animals from used cardboard boxes found in the street. She layers pieces of scrap cardboard to make artwork, such as the giant ape shown below. She uses animals as symbols of political social behavior. Her images are both visual and humorous.

IMG_2523 IMG_2525

Federico was born in Bogota , Columbia and now lives and works in Miami and is rooted in the craft of sculpture.  He created large standing sculptures that are displayed at the main entrance of the fair. He also has paintings on view. He creates sculptures that are constructed and weaved in an unusual way. They are figurative yet they are quite humorous and have a cartoon feel about them. His work mixes distance and proximity which are key factors of interconnection to his work and the art viewers. They feel almost alive and beg for you to touch them. He is well represented by Adelson Galleries.

IMG_2539  IMG_2537  IMG_2512

The Art On Paper Show has quite a lot to offer and is becoming a major art fair.

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