The Architectural Digest Design Show has become the largest show in its 15-year history.

This yearly design event is held at Piers 92 and 94.  Pier 92 is set up for Diffa ( Dining By Design) Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, and Pier 94 is where all the design companies and artists showcase their products.

Since there are some many different designers and wonderful products, I had to choose just a few that stood out from the rest.

I discovered  Plantaria. Robert Dekker has created something new and quite practical. When so many people have indoor apartments but miss having a garden. Dekker has created miniature indoor water gardens. His mission was to obtain an in-scale garden landscape, which also includes a water feature. This 365 day-a-year indoor garden is illuminated by LED fluorescent lighting, creating an unusual environment of beauty and peace. It is a 3-dimensional, natural landscape that incorporates mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, streams and plants with horse figures to impart the illusion of scale into the landscape.

IMG_2623   IMG_2624

Next was the showcasing of different table settings as part of Diffa (Dining By Design). Ali Tayar, New York-based architect and designer, who always had a great graphic op-art sense of table craftsmanship, just passed away a few weeks prior to the event and will be truly missed.


LAB at Rockwell Group and Roche Bobois made their debut. The table setting is inspired by water. Roche Bobois’s AQUA dining table acts as a dramatic centerpiece, as if it’s a wall of mist which makes water come down all around it. The table’s water drop-shaped base is cut entirely from a single block of Carrara marble, which evokes a water droplet frozen in time and extends into a dark Fenix-coated polyurethane top with self-healing properties. The water screen and table might be the main attractions to the space, but there are other interesting things going on. The thick glass vessels filled with water act as the table’s centerpiece and reflect the surrounding lights and projections, which add a dramatic element to its space. Roche Bobois Marble Table Lamps give the room a moody glow, while pendant lights suspended above the table create the illusion of water caustics scattered throughout.


So nature and  water play an important role in this year’s design show!

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