The Acro -Cats make a splash in Brooklyn

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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I went and saw these amazing Acro-Cats perform tricks and play music in this little warehouse space on Moffat St in Bushwick, Brooklyn, called The Muse.
These trained cats come from Chicago and their owner Samantha Martin does an excellent job with her pets.

These cats work for food, just like people work for money. So upon giving these kitties treats, they performed some amazing stunts, like jumping through hoops and driving in little cars.

But it was the rock cat band that was the main attraction. The cat trio consists of one cat playing guitar, one on drums and the other playing the organ.

Now these were some really out-of-site cats!

Astro-Cat CU Guitar   Astro-Cat Drums   Astro-Cat Guitar   stro-Cat Piano   Astro Cat Rockcats

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