Wanted Design At Industry City Brooklyn

Posted: May 12, 2015 in NYC Art Shows
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For its fifth anniversary, Wanted Design co-founders Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat decided to expand their vision to Brooklyn. So, a second Wanted Design was born. This new location at Industry City in Sunset Park is a brand new happening space with plenty of floors and rooms in which to showcase many fantastic designers. Wanted Design is a platform dedicated to promoting designs to the international creative community-at-large throughout the year. Founded in 2011,Wanted Design has established itself as a constant supporter of US and international design, through events and partners. Wanted Design’s original event location is at the landmark Terminal Stores on 11th Ave. and 28th St. May, 2015, marks the first year of Wanted Design’s new second location in Brooklyn.

There were so many interesting design companies and art students’ work to see.
I decided to pick out the ones that really caught my eye.

Flow ArchiTECH, a company that has been designing many creative and practical furniture products, has come up with something truly amazing! It’s called the Flow Pod. This series is designed for different applications, and the units can be outdoors or indoors. The pods are scalable and modular, and each Flow Pod can be customized with various finishes, materials and electronics. The pods are designed to be able to ship flat and assemble quickly. The main purpose in using these Flows Pods is when setting up a business meeting. Instead of having to pay and book a meeting room, it can be cheaper and more convenient to order this mobile furniture that can be assembled into a small meeting room. Now how ingenious is that! The Flow Pod was designed by New York based designer Shadi Shahrokhi and manufactured by Arnold Contract. Flow ArchiTECH has their main showroom in Chelsea at 672 Hudson St 5N, and they can be found online at http://www.flowarchitect.com.

DSC_1948              DSC_1949

Next, students from Parsons School of Deign designed these functional wooden cars in really unique creative designs, such as Monster, Racer and Mouse.
Monster was created by Gabrielle Zelepos, Peter Zweifel and Yingying Yang.
Racer was designed by Juwon Bahn, Tina Chen and  Jaeseong Yi.
Mouse was created by Adrian Kwak,Russell Kirk, Yu Rong and Jasmine Ann Yuen.
Quite incredible that the students who designed these wooden cars are teenagers.

DSC_1940               DSC_1943.1                                                                                                                 DSC_1944



Well, that’s my overview of the Wanted Design show in Brooklyn.

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