The AIPAD Photography Show at The Park Ave Armory 4/16/2015

Posted: May 5, 2015 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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The AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) Photography Show has been going strong for 35 years. It’s the longest running exhibit of its kind. Over 89 leading photo galleries were showcasing work that’s contemporary and also of the nineteenth century.

So many fantastic photographers were showing here, but one particular gallery, Paci contemporary, was showing the work of this wonderful New York based artist, Sandy Skoglund. Her work, titled ‘Installation Fox Games,’ is from an exhibit from Centre Pompidou in Paris from 1989, and is now in the permanent collection at the Denver Art Museum.

The  original  installation was painted in reverse colors with red foxes and grey background, but, after Sandy took photos of the work, she decided to paint the foxes grey and have the interiors in red.

Sandy’s surreal work has a very real feel to it. These foxes come alive in a 3D-like texture almost as if they could jump out of the painting. This element is what makes her work stand out above everything else at this great AIPAD Show!

Sandy Skoglund painting Sandy Skoglund painting, II

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