This year’s addition of The Home Design show expanded from Pier 94 to Pier 92 as well, with so many fabulous designers and guest speakers making the 14-year history of this show bigger than ever before.

Home designer celebrity Martha Stewart conducted a talk with Christophe Pourny about his book “The Furniture Bible.” He gave some useful tips on cleaning and restoring furniture.

Christophe Pourny and Martha Stewart

Christophe Pourny and Martha Stewart

There is always the Diffa Design section where artists have designed different creative dining rooms. That leads up to this annual special event benefit, “Dining By Design.” Its main purpose is to raise money to fight AIDS.  My friend Tony Roko, a Detroit artist, was in attendance and donated an intriguing 4′ mixed media painting titled “Fish In A Barrel.” Roko’s work was absolutely stunning and quite reminiscent of the German Expressionist Movement.


Bruce Alexander and Tony Roko

Mac Stopia, founder and chief architect and designer of Massive Design, set up his design at Diffa. His work is based on digital geometrics and organic random geometries created by nature. These structures have a pop art feel to them. Mac pushes the boundaries and takes his design, based on three -dimensional randomness, to the next level. Mac loves glass for its natural beauty and the endless design possibilities glass offers. In his work, he uses transparent natural glass that allows him to achieve multiple artistic expressions.

Tony Roko    DSC_0820


Another creative designer is Jason Laurits. His work consists of silkscreen prints and graphics for t-shirts, posters and other media forms. He created a brand called Paste. You can check out his work at

Micah creates amazing glass animals. He uses glass pipes for creating his images of glass and steel.

DSC_0767 (1)

Lastly, Blake Tovin’s  company Symbol has been designing hand crafted custom-made aero cabinets for audiophiles that want to integrate album storage in an audio rack. This company’s products are a unique alternative to the mass produced entertainment cabinets and audio racks currently available. Blake’s craftsmanship is truly a work of art.

DSC_0772   DSC_0771 (1)

Well, that’s my overview of this year’s Home Design Show.

  1. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching
    for home design

  2. Manela says:

    Great work Bruce!!!!!

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