Interview: Bill Plympton – Plympton Studios 3/27/2015

Posted: March 31, 2015 in NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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BA – Hey Bill, tell us the concept of the film “Cheatin’.”

BP – It’s based on a relationship that I had 15 years ago. It was a real incident. We moved in together and after we wanted to kill each other, but we still wanted too have sex. It was a love/hate relationship. It didn’t work. We both broke up. I not been in contact with her. I wonder and hope she sees the film.

BA -This film was a period piece from what decade? What was the purpose of this?

BP– It was a mixture of different decades. The cars were from the 1930’s and 40’s. The clothes were from the 1940’s and 50’s and the buildings were from the 1920’s, giving different decades. This story is a place that will never be, and so it’s a fantasy. That makes it very unique only from someone’s fantasy. Also, I used European music for the soundtrack.

BA– What was the idea of  using the bumper cars in the film?

BP– Bumper cars represent electrical currents that spark romance.

BA-When did you decide to do a feature length movie?

BP– 1989. I did a bunch of short films for MTV and had hours of animation in four years of a collection. I decided to do a feature. Maureen Mcelheron did the writing and music for ‘The Tune’ with me. It was the first animation film to be in The Sundance Film Festival.

BA-What were some animation and cartoons that  you grew up with and inspired you?

BP– Disney was  a major influence; Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Art Crumb, Terry Gillian, David Lynch, Ralph Bashski, Goya, and Topor, who did Fantastic Planet.

BA– Tell us your experiences doing comic book conventions.

BP– It’s very important to meet the fans. The San Diego Comic Con has ‘Animation Alley’ which is great for animators. They don’t have that set up here in the east coast, which they should. Here in New York they have me next to  a toy company.

BA– Anything else that you would like to add?

BP– Yes. Come out to New York on April 3rd at The Village East Cinema. I will be there presenting the film and doing a Q&A and everyone who attends get a free drawing from me. The film will be touring America in 15 cities. Go to  It will also premiere  on Vimeo On Demand on April 21st.

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