The wonderful underground art show returns at Armory Arts Week.


Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori

This time The SPRING/BREAK Art Show got an exciting  new location at Skylight at Moynihan Station in The James A. Farley main Post Office on W. 31st St. and 8th Ave. But the really special surprise was revealed at Collectors Preview on Tuesday, March 3rd, as the show’s two co-founders,  Ambre Kelly & Andrew Gori staged their wedding ceremony. It was very real, but yet also surreal as well.






As always, this art fair gets quite a good mix of different creative artists. Here are a few who caught my attention:


David Packer





Brit-born artist David Packer, who now resides in Brooklyn, has created ‘Shortcircuit,’ an amazing sculpture of a flock of owls made in cast ceramic. I enjoyed his sculpture and was able to have a quick nice chat with him. His work involves the process of collecting images of interest to him, depicting the relationship between man and nature and how they react in a shared space.

Another work by David Packer, ‘Machina,’ will be on view at ArtHelix, a gallery at 299 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, till April 12th





'The Fox Would Not Pin The Tail On The Donkey'

‘The Fox Would Not Pin The Tail On The Donkey’

Rhonda Wall was one of the pioneers of the 1980s East Village art scene. Here at the SPRING/BREAK Art Show, she was showcasing her recent work, which is a combination of cut-out pages from old magazines, outdated scientific manuals and Internet sources in a collage-like painting with social and political messages. ‘The Fox Would Not Pin The Tall On The Donkey’ shows a laptop at the base, with two joysticks, and a donkey representing the Democratic Party and a pair of foxes symbolizing Fox News.

Another intriguing work, ‘Discovering Earth,’ features images of cameras, telescopes, televisions, computers and scanners, as she imagines aliens discovering Earth, back when dinosaurs ruled the land. ‘Push Pomegranates’ is a piece about Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant (with six reactors) as a point of departure.  But with a humorous touch, as a woman’s head looks on as fingers hit the buttons that release pomegranates instead of radiation.

'Discovering Earth'

‘Discovering Earth’

'Push Pomegranates'

‘Push Pomegranates’

Rhonda Wall’s art is truly unique!






Rhonda Wall

Rhonda Wall


And, lastly, Cate Giordano returns with her wonderful Dolly Presley performance art. In her ‘After The Fire,’ a film and installation of a fraught love triangle in which Cate plays the roles of all three lead protagonists, she mixes the Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley combination well with her singing karaoke. This piece is quite hilarious with added props of sculpture, film clips, wigs, coffins and even a cut-out


SPRING/BREAK Art Show has pulled off another great art fair with the added touch of using all the secret post office rooms that have long been unused!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for choosing my work for the article!!!

  2. David Packer says:


    Thanks so much for including me in your article. Being on the same page as Rhonda Wall and Andrew and Ambre is just great.


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