The Scope Art Fair is always moving.  It’s always moving its location, and it’s always moving progressively by presenting new cutting edge work from around the globe.

This year’s edition was in a nice spacious building with two floors located on W.46th St. off the West Side Highway, and presented a good mix of artists from Europe, Canada and the United States.

Here are some fine examples of some superb artists that I discovered there:


An artist called Shark Toof who paints some really out there twisted versions of (what else) sharks. His work takes on shark icons with a pop culture and comic book feel to it. One painting called ‘Angel Edition’ has an angry man’s head with a shark’s body and teeth. It’s truly mind blowing. Shark Toof is represented by Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan.


Another fine artist is Willy Verginer. He does incredible wood sculptures. Verginer combines sculptures with painting elements that give his pieces movement. ‘The Rich Bear’ has an animal moving on top of gold cans. The bear is painted half black and half white.

Verginer’s ‘Cecita Voluta’ is a gold statue of a figure walking with black boots. Willy’s work shows a form of people and animals trying to break free of something. He is represented by Galerie LeRoyer in Montreal, Canada.






I caught the work of Robert Pokorny next. His painting, one of his ‘Formations’ series, has a surreal shapely form to it. This piece has the look of a deformed person, but without details, it is abstract art. Pokorny is represented by Aureus Contemporary, a group of collectors, art dealers and curators from cities around the globe, with a location in Providence, Rhode Island.


And lastly we come to Nathan Vincent. His unique ‘Green Army Man’ is made from knitting and crochet. Although this texture might seem mellow, these army men sculptures are so real looking and portray a true war story. Vincent is represented by the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in the Chelsea area of New York.

To coin a phrase, I scoped out Scope for the best art around and always find such wonderful artists!



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