The (un)SCENE Art Show

Posted: March 25, 2015 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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Unlike the other mainstream art fairs, The (un)SCENE Art Show is a brand new one-of-a-kind art fair.

The (un)SCENE Art Show had put together an array of underground artists for a truly non-commercial art show in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. This fair had a combination of paintings, sculptures, performance art, video installations and so much more for the free thinkers of the world.

I was greeted by a man with art balloons offering me free ice cream.

Here are some of these cutting-edge works of art:


Federico Uribe designed this Sheep made out of golf balls for the body; tags for the head; and sneakers for the ears. Uribe creates sculptures that are constructed and weaved in a unpredictable way. They are just so eye-catching from looking at them, both close-up and far-away.

DSC_0471        DSC_0469

Jason Hackenwerth designs these latex balloons that are made into little spaces to walk through and he also constructs balloons that he put on around his body like a human caterpillar.
His work has an Alice In Wonderland fantasy about them. It’s very playful.


Kent Kowles’ painting called “Big Danger” represents a moment of reflection or being lost in solitary thought. His acrylic paintings are based on happenings in his life – maybe a bit twisted, but that’s what makes his work so exciting.


Kara Daving put together this really funky sculpture. Her piece is called “Sir Cpt. Drake forewarned peril by strikin’ his snare; Watchful rhythms rise again, rap-tap-tappin’ on ocean pray.” Kara brings myths and legends to her work by using mixed media. Her images come from inflatable pools, toys and found plastic sea debris to make for a truly unique allegorical story.

The (un)SCENE Art Show captured the remains of when New York was a gritty boho city and art made anything possible.

There was free admission; free drinks; chips and ice cream too.

So what more could you ask for!

It was done all for the love of art.

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