Volta NY Art Fair at Pier 90

Posted: March 23, 2015 in NYC Art Shows, Uncategorized
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The Volta NY Art Fair is the sister fair to the more commercial Armory show

This year Volta NY has moved  to a brand new location at Pier 90, just four blocks away from the Armory Show. This brand new set up was very spacious, and it was easy to find great emerging artists.

Schneider Mask painting


I caught Brooklyn-based painter Ryan Schneider, who hails from Indiana. His painting, “Two Rams,” was inspired by a summer he spent wandering the deserts of Joshua Tree. This intense work has the look of a primitive tribal mask, and the eyes look like they are staring right at you. It has great composition and texture in the colors. Ryan’s work has been published in major  magazines, including The New YorkerArt In America and New American Paintings, just to name a few.

Schneider cat painting


Balazas Kicsiny creates amazing  pieces of work from textile, billiard balls, wood and varnish to design his own take on pool tables and coffins. Balazas took classes and studied everything about billiards games, so his input on his creative process makes the works of art seem very real to any pool player.

Billiard Table 1

Billiard Table V

One such piece, “Epilogue To An Anthem,” shows a combination of a billiard table and a coffin. This table ignores gravity by standing upright, leaning against the wall, with three balls, two white and one red, on its green surface. How thought-provoking his work is!

Billiard Table II


Although there were so many wonderful artists these two stood out for me.

Now that’s just a small overview on Volta NY 2015

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