Lenny Kravitz With Anthony DeCurtis At The 92nd Street Y Talks

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music, Uncategorized
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Lenny Kravitz 2 Lenny Kravitz 92Y 3
Lenny Kravitz was interviewed by Anthony DeCurtis recently at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.The talk was quite fascinating as Lenny talked about so many wonderful things. Anthony DeCurtis asked Lenny some really spot-on questions.

Lenny  spoke about his very unusual upbringing by his folks and seeing all these famous people come over his house, like Duke Ellington and Mile Davis.  I was really touched when he talked about losing his mom during the making of his “Circus ” album.  Lenny explained that the title of this record was chosen because his life was like a circus, as he just started traveling around the world doing live concerts and he just had his first child

Lenny rapped about how he loves spending his time in the recording studio.  He said that Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions was his favorite record and the song “Jesus Children Of America” was such an incredible song.  Lenny said the song was funk,soul and rock ‘n’ roll.  Of course, he said that God helps him get through each day and that he never takes anything for granted.  Lenny said that Led Zeppelin was one of his favorite groups and that he opened up for Robert Plant many years later.

Lenny just put out this wonderful photo book.  The book has many crazy candid photos.  He loves posing for the camera..Lenny also has a new record out called Strut.  Mr..Kravitz always want to stay fresh.

He gives kudos to performers like Mick Jagger who can keep the excitement of live performances going strong at the age of 70.  Lenny’s talk was so positive and uplifting, and he even stayed by the stage and signed autographs for all his staunch fans.

Lenny truly gave a very livey talk

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