It’s Still “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” 50 Years Later

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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A_Hard_Days_night_movieposterIt was very fab to see this newly restored 50th Anniversary verson of Richard Lester’s “A Hard Days Night,” shown larger-than life (like the group themselves) on the big screen with glorious sound at the Film Forum.
Lester, who directed this classic romp. did a swell job of capturing The Beatles as they were reaching the peak of their fame.  It’s funny how this film can even appeal to people who are not fans of The Beatles or even rock music, as there was a film noir quality in the art of making this film.
Richard Lester was no stranger in capturing British youth culture in many of his films.  Here he shows The Beatles with a humor much like The Marx Brothers, and the group does have charming qualities along with their great songs.
But what adds that special touch is the way that this film was shot in black and white.  It never would have been the same had it been filmed in color.
“A Hard Day’s Night” stands not only as one of the best films of the 1960’s, but also of all time, as it is a timeless film that has all the right ingredients.

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