Burton Cummings at City Winery 7/2/2014

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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It was an intimate evening as Burton Cummings played a solo show with just his piano and extreme falsetto voice.
He started his set with the Guess Who classic “New Mother Nature/No Sugar Tonight.” He has some really interesting stories that he told, one being about when The Guess Who was on the TV weekly music show “The Midnight Special.” The group made appearances on the show so many times that he decided to write a song, “Clap For The Wollman,” about the show’s high-profile host, Wolfman Jack, and surprise him with it on their next appearance. Burton was surprised too, when it became a big hit Burton Cummings 22 desaturatedfor The Guess Who. Burton also talked about some of his favorite performers and singers. He did very cool versions of two Bobby Darin songs, “Mac The Knife” and ” Clementine.” Mr. Cummings then talked about the British Invasion and how he thought that Gerry & The      Pacemakers   had the best songs. He went into a fantastic version of “Ferry Cross The Mersey.”
 On a more somber note, Burton talked about losing his mom two years ago and how you need to appreciate your folks      while    they are here. He dedicated his song “Scared” to his mother and said that was her favorite song. He played his biggest solo hit   “Stand Tall” which got a standing ovation. Mr. Cummings talked about growing up with his Canadian buddy Gordon Lightfoot and did Rod Stewart’s version of “Maggie May” in Gordon Lightfoot’s style as the crowd laughed it up. Burton did “No Time” just on his piano and it went over well, even without any guitars. He broke into “These Eyes” which still sounds great after over 40 years, and “Undun,” a  jazzy tune that usually has a flute in it, but he still pulled it off.
Burton ended his show with “Share The Land” and he shared all his wonderful songs with us as we all tripped back in time to those sun-soaked 1960’s, bringing us out of a rainy stormy day in 2014 for two hours.

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