She said she never had to pay for a concert until The Rolling Stones were at Madison Square Garden in 1981, and she paid for a $300 golden circle ticket.  She was friends with the late Fillmore concert promoter Bill Graham, and said that this show has a different promoter.  The concerts were getting to be more corporate in the 1980’s.   When she was asked who her favorite interview was with, Mrs. Robinson answered, “Keith Richards. When he was sober, Keith was brilliant and honest and he really opened up.  Madonna was the worst interview; she was boring and dull.”

Lisa talked about how TV ruined everyone’s imagination about music when music videos came out.   Asked who her favorite band was, Lisa said The Rolling Stones, New York Dolls and Television.

Lisa and Mick  The title of her book is “There Goes Gravity,” and unlike the ‘Almost Famous’ movie, where everyone was    in a tour bus singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer,” Lisa Robinson wrote a story while watching JimmyPage and David Bowie diving into cocaine while watching ‘Lucifer Rising.’

Lisa and Lou 2

She was asked if she interviewed Ray Davies, and she said “of course,” and that   she loved The Kinks.  Her husband Richard introduced her to The Kinks, as he  worked for RCA, the record label that had The Kinks, David Bowie and Lou  Reed.  She was also friends with Patti Smith, as Richard worked with Lenny Kaye on ‘Rock Scene’ magazine.

These were very different times – when going to concerts; when rock journalists had a ball; and, as Lisa Robinson says, “it’s all in the book!”

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