The Affordable Art Fair At The Metropolitan Pavilion April 2-6 ,2014

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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 This year marks the 15th anniversary of The Affordable Art Fair.  It has grown from one art fair in 1999 to 17 Affordable Art Fairs in 14 cities annually.
Bram Reijnders, from The Netherlands, creates truly awesome sculptures of pop images of characters like Popeye, Donald Duck and Bambi. His images emphasize texture like sandcastles and have a glittery look. He is a pop artist with a touch of Rock and Roll.

Affortable Art Fair 044    Affortable Art Fair 043

The Gallery Tableau represents artist Lee Young. His work is a series of comic book and cartoon sculptures consisting of Batman, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck. Their faces all have angry looks on them and seem very real. These sculptures are like detailed familiar toy models that you would build from a toy kit, but not in a traditional sense.

Affortable Art Fair 029

Capital Culture Gallery is based in the UK.  It represents photographer Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain. His work revolves around the idea that reality is entirely subjective. His Cubian backround influnences his artistic war themes. He places iconic photographs inside submarine-like lead pipes. In another work he places a gun and a Coke bottle in a frame with a bottom photo of a city by the water and the year 1959 above it. His work is extremely different from anything else that I have seen.

Affortable Art Fair 052

Bicha Gallery is another one from The UK.
Artist Barry Goodman designs these graphic prints of type face of reproductions, such as The London A To Z Atlas and Street index. He lives in London and is a member of The California Society of printmakers.

Affortable Art Fair 021    Affortable Art Fair 022

The Affordable Art Fair has work that is reasonably priced and caters to the take-away consumer. It provides a packaging room as most of the work is small enough to be carried.

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