The Fountain Art Fair At The 69th Regiment Armory

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Music, NYC Art Shows, NYC Live Music, NYC Music
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Unlike the other art fairs, The Fountain Art Fair maintains a non- conventional, less commercial approach in selecting these  artists  exhibited yearly.  In fact,  not all of  these artists are represented by known  art galleries.
I was truly blown away when checking out the photography work of Judy Mauer. She is a street photographer and her photos of mannequins in the storefronts are truly mesmerizing. There is no double exposure  or trick photography used at all. Judy just takes these photos that are reflected from the mirror image that she shoots just standing in front of  store windows.
2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 297 
Painter Adrina Ospina is from Bogota, Chile. Her painting of a water faucet shaped like an elephant  is quite playful.
2014 March Art Fairs,Edgar Winter At Iridium 252
Cho Kang Nam  designs these very funny images of pop culture people.  “Candy Girl” shows the trendy girl wearing big sunglasses and sucking a lollipop and is surounded by lots more of them in the background.
2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 236 
Brothers Matt & Mark Enger  emerged  in the East Village in 1989  after leaving Oklahoma. They started off doing silkscreen prints and designed limited edtion clothing line. When brother Mark died of throat cancer,  Matt decided to keep going on in his memory. One of the brothers made  this sculpture of a life size day-glo green faux-fur bear. His placing of a skull mirror behind the bear gives this surreal image an extra edge  to it.

2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 277
Weather Fatherless is a print company  out of Rockford Illinois. They had some amazing  satirical images of the “Spy Vs. Spy” characters from Mad Magazine, and it was created in their own printing style that makes these prints one of a kind.
2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 242 
 Dave Tree, from Boston,  is part of The Murder Lounge group of artists has been a part of the Fountain Art Fair from very the beginning. He is  dedicated to this underground  art culture. His latest work consists of skulls heads painted  on the ears of corn and also painted on shovels. 

2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 266  2014 March Art FairsEdgar Winter At Iridium 264

 The  Fountain Art Fair anything is possible.

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