Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 94

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This 13th annual home design show has a wide variety of  300 premium brands of home furnishings ranging from stoves to lighting fixtures, rugs, wall coverings,  stones and tiles and furniture.  I was so blown away by so many interesting cutting – edge household products that I picked the most unusual ones to write about.

Think Fabricate,  the Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary design studio has a contemporary offering of handcrafted furnished products called Look Inside.  There are  creative furniture designs  that are very functional.   An example is this wall-mounted cabinet that slides open to reveal a  multi-functional TV.  This  storage system features a bar at one end and built-in organization units, including a space for a 32 inch TV that has closing  sliding doors.  Another cool product is a coffee table with a carved out section to put house keys.  Think Fabricate was the winner of  best interior design of  2013.

2014 Home Design Show Look Inside sign    2014 Home Design Show keys

Moving along is  Ato Cha Design, a company that specializes in artisan crafted furniture to store record albums and turntables.  It’s designed in a very creative way with the vinyl albums facing out showing the front covers as opposed the the sides on  typical record shelves.

2014 Home Design Show records

Arcways  is a company based  in New York and other parts of the United States that design custom stairways.  These are well crafted and very elegant, but also  extremely unique.  They are not the only stairway company at the show, but are truly the best at what they do.

2014 Home Design ShowThe Strypes At Bowery Ballroom 062 vertical staircase                                     2014 Home Design ShowThe Strypes At Bowery Ballroom 061 vertical staircase too

The Mollo Collection,  also from New York, offers unusual chairs with patented pin and spring assemblies to provide support and comfort. 

2014 Home Design Show chair

There are some individual artists showcasing, such as Todd Sander.  Hailing from Texas, he designs these amazing neon and metal signs that light up vibrantly!

2014 Home Design Show legs

Sonya,  from across the pond in the UK, makes these unique handmade award winning rugs that have bold patterns and dazzling colors.  Sonya Vibrant Contemporary  has a very mod look about them.

2014 Home Design Show round colors

And lastly, Tucker Robbins, whose company has been around a  long time and showcases at all the New York Design and Furniture shows,  is based in New York but has people from all over the world  designing interesting wood pattern chairs and furniture with  an assortment of textures and designs.   He has a showroom at 200 Lexington Avenue  at The Design Center.

2014 Home Design Show Tucker

There were so many amazing designers  at The Home Design Show;  these few are just the icing on the cake or a  chop  of wood off the table top!

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