CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013

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CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013
Broadway Idiot U.S. Theatrical Red Carpet Premiere
Thursday, October 10, 2013
Media check-in 745PM
Red Carpet Arrivals 8PM
Screening 9PM
Landmark Sunshine Cinema
143 E. Houston St. New York 10002
Confirmed Cast and Special Guests in Attendance:
Broadway Idiot director Doug Hamilton, Broadway Idiot editor Rob Tinworth, American Idiot and Broadway Idiot producer Ira Pittelman, American Idiot composer Tom Kitt, American Idiot director Michael Mayer, American Idiot original cast memberJohn Gallagher Jr. (“The Newsroom,” Short Term 12), American Idiot original cast member Rebecca Naomi Jones (‘Murder Ballad,’ ‘Passing Strange’)
About Broadway Idiot:
From punk rock mosh pits and sold-out stadiums to the Great White Way, this electrifying documentary follows Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong as he works with Broadway veterans to turn his mega-hit album, American Idiot, into a Broadway musical. The film goes behind the scenes to reveal the creative choices and challenges made by GRAMMY® winner Billie Joe and Tony® winning director Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening) to create the thrilling and one-of-a-kind musical experience. More than just a making-of profile, Broadway Idiot is a portrait of a world-famous artist having the guts to try something totally new. The film grants insider access to the actors’ rehearsals, the creative team’s process and live performances that reveal Billie’s transformation from rock star to Broadway star. Broadway Idiot provides a unique window into the art of theater as rock stars and stage stars collide and create something never seen before.
Broadway Idiot will open at the Village East Cinemas and On Demand Friday, October 11.  Broadway Idiot director Doug Hamilton is also available for interviews outside of the red carpet.

CBGB Keynote Information**

2013 Music Conference Keynote with Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses)

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
1:00 pm
3 Message Points from Duffs Keynote Speech:
a. Punk rock changed his life for the better
b.without CBGB’s he wouldn’t have been given a venue for his inspirational mentors, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, etc… He says he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t have had the career he’s been blessed with
c. Guns N’ Roses playing CBGB’s
Duff McKagan is the founding member/ iconic bassist and writer for the over 100 million albums sold worldwide band Guns N Roses… Grammy winner in Velvet Revolver, NY Times best selling author of his Simon & Schuster bio book he personally penned himself- “It’s So Easy & Other Lies”. Currently in buzzing band – dirty blues style “The Walking Papers.”

2013 Music Conference Keynote with Van Tofler (President, Viacom Music & Logo Group)

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
4:30 pm
Panel Description:
What if you could promote yourself and your music while helping others? What if your music could ignite change? This panel will focus on meshing the worlds of music and charity – specifically touching on why it’s important for musicians to use their voices to make a difference, how to choose a charity to support, how partnering with a charity can help promote your brand and benefit their mission, and why a dollar really does make a difference. You’ll hear from seasoned music business executives as they explain why they’ve prioritized giving back and how you can get involved. During these trying times it’s important that we all find a way to help those who are struggling and this panel will give you the tools to help others.

CBGB MUSIC AND FILM FESTIVAL Press Badges can be picked up Wed Oct 9th-Friday Oct 11th  (12-5pm) at The Bowery Electric  327 Bowery  (between 2nd and 3rd Street on the Bowery)


Other CBGB Festival Films to Keep on Your Radar**

CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013- Svengali US Premiere

CAST ATTENDING: Johnny Owen (Creator/ Writer/actor/producer), Martin Root (Producer), Vicky McClure (Star), Alan McGee – Actor/Svengali, Rachel .
Thursday Oct 10 at 7:30pm at Landmark Sunshine theatre #2
Cast: Johnny Owen, Martin Freeman, Vicky McClure, Alan McGee, Rachel Felder
Synopsis: Svengali tells the story of “Dixie” (Johnny Owen), a postman from South Wales, and a music fanatic. All his life he’s dreamed of discovering a great band and then one day, trawling through YouTube, he finds them…’The Premature Congratulations’. He hunts them down and offers them his management services. They are young, arrogant, sexy, and utterly magnificent. Co-starring Martin Freeman.
Media/talent contact: JolsonCreativePR@mac.com  Nadine Jolson 310 614 3214
Press Badges can be picked up Wed Oct 9th-Friday Oct 11th  (12-5pm) at The Bowery Electric  327 Bowery  (between 2nd and 3rd Street on the Bowery)
CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013- Passione Screening
Friday Oct 11 at 2:30pm
Landmark Sunshine theatre #5
Directed by John Turturro
A look and a love letter to the music, the culture and the beauty of Naples in all of it’s glory and traditions.
Media/talent contact: JolsonCreativePR@mac.com  Nadine Jolson 310 614 3214
Press Badges can be picked up Wed Oct 9th-Friday Oct 11th  (12-5pm) at The Bowery Electric  327 Bowery  (between 2nd and 3rd Street on the Bowery)

CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013 – The Starck Project World Premiere

The Starck Project: A Work In Progress
Directed by Michael Cain and Miles Hargrove

Money, power, excess and fame; 1980’s Dallas had it all. At the epicenter of this dangerously conservative town was the STARCK CLUB; famous for being Philippe Starck’s first international creation, for playing cutting edge dance music and for its unbridled tolerance. Infamous for its excessive party lifestyle, which included an overindulgence of the soon to be illegal drug MDMA/Ecstasy. While New York had CBGB. Dallas had the STARCK CLUB.

The STARCK PROJECT is a multi-faceted endeavor including a documentary, narrative feature film, dramatic television series, and a soundtrack which features iconic 80s songs by bands including Pet Shop Boys, Art of Noise, Georg Franz, Section 25, Afrika Bambaataa, Dominatrix, The Ramones, Book of Love, Depeche Mode, Tom Tom Club and Yaz. These Award-winning documentary filmmakers have interviewed over 125 celebrities including the late Larry Hagman, Owen Wilson, Seymour Stein, Edwige Belmore, Peter Hook, Chris Frantz, Paul Oakenfold, Tommie Sunshine, Frankie Bones and Book of Love who share their memories to bring the Club back to life.

CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013- SONTAAG Screening
Richard Sontaag: artist/composer, Ian. F.: Story writer/lyrics, Steve Mallorcal film director
In the grand tradition of high concept progressive rock comes an epic transmedia hybrid.
A game-changing symphonic Big Bang; a genre-fusing evolutionary leap forward where cerebral science fiction meets visceral rock ‘n’ roll; sonic cinema meets e-book pod-lit in cyberspace.  Sontaag is a cross-generic space rock grand opera: a transcontinental project fast-tracking contemporary music into a cinematic future by refusing to recognise boundaries geographic or stylistic.  Sontaag is evolving rock for the cybernautic age and the digital environment by adapting and applying audio-visual and spoken word elements holistically, progressively… super-sonically.  Voyage beyond trad-rock constraints, shame faux modernity with inclusive, multi-dimensional progression and embrace the ever-expanding horizons of cyber-sonic possibility.

CBGB Film Conference Info**

Thursday, October 10th

Landmark Sunshine Theater
11:00 am

2nd Annual “Scoring on the Bowery Doesn’t Mean What it Used To”

Moderator – Gary Meister, Naturalist Music + Sound
Panelist: Vernon Reid (Composer/Musician, DTdV&m, Peter Nashel (Composer, duotone audio group) and David Mansfield (Composer, Smashing Productions)

This panel of veterans will explore the processes by which original music is composed, recorded and produced for film. Thrill to dramatic tales of derring do from the front lines of production, humorous anecdotes & possibly even scandalous dish.

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
11:00 am

Sales Agents: Are They A Bad Word… Not!!

Moderator: Griffin Gmelich
Panelists: Josh Braun (Submarine Entertainment) and Andrew Herwitz (The Films Sales Company)

Agents in general get a bad rap these days. Hiring someone to do what a lot of folks feel you can do on your own is a questionable way to sell your film. But in truth a good sales agent will guide you through the process, steer you clear of the BS and try and get you the best deal possible. How do they do it? Learn how at this forum when you hear from a few of the best.

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
12:30 pm

The Indie Theatrical Game

Moderator: Griffin Gmelich
Panelists: Mark Urman (Paladin Pictures), Jason Janego (Weinstein/Radius), Doug Kluthe (D&E Entertainment)

Meet and hear from the professionals in the indie theatrical business. Learn how they make the decisions that could affect the way a film is released. In an ever changing world these industry leaders have to keep abreast of every change going on in the marketplace. How do they do it? This forum is a place to find out.

The New Movie Business; Help! The Young Folks Are Taking Over (Replaces Acquisitions)

Moderator: Joe Amodei (CBGB Film Fest Director)
Panelists: Ben Braun (Submarine Entertainment), Seth Needle (Screen Media Films), Amanda LeBow (Bond Strategy and Influence)

In a business that relies on high powered execs to make serious choices on what films they want to represent the field is wide open. There are A LOT of movies to choose from. Covering this much ground on the film festival circuit and dealing with submissions on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Selling a film you have acquired can be just as hard. Enter the young, smart and energy driven execs who track films, screen movies at fests and do just about anything else asked of them. Is this the best way to break into the business? Hear their stories and learn firsthand what it’s like in the trenches.

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
3:00 pm

A Conversation With Eamonn Bowles

A one on one with the man who has overseen the release of such popular indie films as “Food Inc,” “World’s Greatest Dad,’ ” Blackfish,” ” Humpday,” “Man on a Wire,” “Take this Waltz,” “Prince Avalanche, ‘” “Europa Report,” “The Queen of Versailles,” “Ong-Bak,” “Venus and Serena,” “Into the White,” “God Bless America” and “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”…… At the same time Eamonn is sure to reflect upon his “other job” as a true rock n roller who played CBGB over seventy-five times as a member of The Martinets and other bands. Eamonn has crossed over into the world of music and film and is the essence of the word “independent.”

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
4:00 pm

The World Of Digital Distribution

Moderator: Joe Amodei (CBGB Film Festival Director)
Panelists: Timothy Maggiani (Virgil Films & Entertainment), Steve Beekman (Film Buff) and Andrew Mer (Snag Films)

What is digital distribution. Taking it down to the barest of terms this forum will introduce you to the major players in NYC who take films and get them up on digital platforms throughout the world. This has become a business that could stand on its own or compliment a theatrical release. Hear from the professionals that make those decisions.

Thursday, October 10th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
4:00 pm

Releasing Music Docs: A How To

Moderator Laurence Lehman
Panelist: Richard Abramowitz from Abramorama (“Stevie Nicks; In Your Dreams” “Broadway Idiot.” “Anvil”, “Paul Williams Still Alive” ” Pearl Jam Twenty”,” Beware of Mr. Baker” “Neil Young’s Greendale” and “Stop Making Sense!!”)

Documentaries in general present a challenge to distributors and exhibitors alike. They are a hard to sell genre unless the director is one of acclaim or the film has awards following its release. When you add the word music to the mix some think it is even harder. But there are some folks that have specialized in this type of film. Hear from someone who has released music docs throughout his career and hear why he isn’t giving up on the genre and in fact helping to make it grow.

Thursday, October 10th
The Anthology Film Archives
7:00 pm

Friday, October 11th

Landmark Sunshine Theater
11:00 am

Filmmaker Forum – Panel #1 (Theatre 1)

Moderator: Nick Mead director of Who Do I Think I Am
Panelist: Jim Carrier (The Librarian and the Banjo), Rueben Atlas (Brothers Hypnotic) and Tony D’Annunzio (Louder Than Love)

Join some of the filmmakers with films showing at this year’s CBGB Film Fest as they share the laughter, the joy, the heartache and everything in between as they work towards the ultimate goal of making a movie.

Friday, October 11th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
2:00 pm

Filmmaker Forum – Panel #2 (Theater 2)

Moderator: Gorman Bechard director of Every Everything
Panelist: Elisabeth Rasmussen (Heart of Bruno Wizard), Tim van Dammen (Romeo and Juliet a Love Story), Jason Wyche (Never Records) and Giuliano Bosso (Montreal Underground)

Join some of the filmmakers with films showing at this year’s CBGB Film Fest as they share the laughter, the joy, the heartache and everything in between as they work towards the ultimate goal of making a movie.

Friday, October 11th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
12:00 pm

Filmmaking In A Kickstarter World

Join Gorman Bechard (“Every Everything: the music, life & times of Grant Hart,” “Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements” and the upcoming “A Dog Named Gucci”), Danielle McCarthy (“Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me”) and Archie Borders (“Pleased to Meet Me” as they discuss filmmaking in a KickStarter world.

Learn the do’s and don’t’s from three filmmakers who have proven the KickStarter model works. What are the most sought after rewards? What makes the best pitch video? Should you go for the entire budget at once, or in stages? The panel, whose films were KickStarter funded, will show how crowdsourcing is truly the new “angel” for independent filmmakers.

Friday, October 11th
Landmark Sunshine Theater
3:00 pm

The 360 Equation With Marc Schiller

One thing is clear. For independent cinema to grow and thrive, it needs to find a more sustainable business model. And while there’s been a lot of hype around new forms of “alternative” (or “direct”) distribution, few people have an answer to the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Having spent the last three years analyzing all aspects of independent cinema in incredible detail (from production to marketing to distribution), I’ve developed my own answer to this question, which I put forth in the form of an equation. With the recent launch of BOND360, I’m calling it the “360 Equation”.
Saturday, October 12th
IndieScreen Theatre

Clarence Clemons “ Who Do I Think I Am Film Workshop

Moderator: Director Nick Mead

When Clarence Clemons died of a stroke on June 18, 2011 he left behind a rich and lasting legacy of great music recorded on his own and as a member of the E Street Band. At the time of his passing he was also involved in the making of a film about his life titled WHO DO I THINK I AM. Inspired by a trip to China Clarence took with good friend and director Nick Mead WDITIA takes us deep into the spirituality that inhabited the saxophone player. Being a part of one of the most beloved rock bands in history was something he was enormously proud of. But deep inside he strived to find his identity away from E Street. Director Mead will be on hand to share stories and show clips from this unfinished film and look for opinions on what direction the film should go in. “We need to pay honor to the man, his music and his vision of what the film should be,” says Mead.

The CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013 will present over 500 musicians in 175+ venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn from October 9-13, 2013. In addition the Festival will showcase over 100 films, and 125 expert speakers during daytime conference programming. (Info/Tickets cbgb.com)
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