The Spring Break Art Show

Posted: May 1, 2013 in NYC Art Shows
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The Spring Break Art Show was created by co-founders Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly. They have put together a very different cutting-edge art show  that is located inside a school classroom and hallway. Their concept is to bring together internet technology combined with classic 20th century art.  They have been involved with many past interesting art showcases like The Flux Factory and Gowanus Studio Space.
Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly

Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly

This show consist of three floors with many different artists, and styles ranging from painting, sculpture, installations and more.
I saw my former art teacher Peter Dudek from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)  exhibiting his unique sculptures in one of the hallways. He had a combination of drawings of buildings as well as sculptures. His series called Domino Dreaming House was curated by Eve Sussman. It has a mixture of architectural ideas and construction sites, and can function as a house. Peter was inspired by one of his main influences, Frank Lloyd Wright, but has his very own distinctive style.

Bruce's World Spring Break box architecture 3

Peter Dudek

Peter Dudek

Bruce's World Spring Break b&w hand 4

The Spring Break Show had this particular title because it takes place in that time of year when students have some time off from classes.

But unlike the typical college kids running to  those silly drunken parties  in some beach resorts, these art college kids have created their own version of spring break, when creative souls have their artistic salvation!
Bruce's World Spring Break sign on brick wall 5

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