The Fountain Art Fair has the most creative and cutting edge artists  that consistently emerge every year.This year’s  artists that inspired me:Gregory Dunn paints amazing landscapes.  He describes  his work  in his own world that he has created.  His painting called “Crusty Chaos Clown” is about the day and life, the places we go, the mayhem of the world. crazy storms ruling over  the world.    “Just breath and live” is his motto.
Bruce's World The Trucker
Cloisters Gallery  is run by a fantastic German woman, and the paintings have a surreal  1960’s pop feel about them.  These images are in the vein of Peter Max and  Heinz Edelmann, the guys who designed The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” movie.  Well, this is no coincidence.  She  worked for Peter Max and went to school with Heinz Edelmann.
Bruce's World German Woman        Art FairsFountainScopeArmoryVoltaBruces 1973 Party 337

Station 16, a gallery based in Quebec, Canada, has some really striking punk rock themed prints that have been designed like they were made back in the punk heyday of the 1970’s.

Bruce's World cat banshee

Misha Tyuiyunik Mishat  has his crazy world of Pop Mortem.  His images of twisted Crazy Kat, Mighty Mouse  and distorted portraits of Obama and other freaky humans make for a most bizarre and exciting showcase!

Bruce's World Krazy Kat       Bruce's World snake mouth woman

The Fountain Art Fair has done it again  in establishing itself as the most interesting and creative of all Art Fairs!

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