The Scope Art Fair always has not only exciting art from around the globe, but it always seems to find a different location every year to keep the structure of this fair raw and fresh.

This year The Scope Art Fair was set up at the 34th St. United States Post Office,  which brought it up a notch from last year.

Bruce's World Scope Art Fair Ribbon
It’s always exciting to see pop artist Ron English trying out  his new ideas.  This time he has redesigned cereal boxes with new satirical titles and drawings.
Bruce's World cereal box 2
       Bruce's World cereal box
Bronx-born artist Michael Anderson has some really cutting edge punk rock collages with a graffiti touch to them.  His series is called Birdbath, which is quite a bit on the funny side of his zany art.
Bruce's World Rock Stars painting

Returning to Scope again is German artist Hubert Kretzschmar, who is represented by Light Feld Gallery,  always has some superb paintings of rock stars like Richard Hell and Iggy Pop.  He is known mostly for designing the Rolling Stones’ “Some Girls” album cover, as well as many other Rolling Stones covers.  Although he may be from Germany, he is just as much a New York fixture in the rock and roll art scene.

Bruce's World red-faced

Well, that’s the scoop on the wonderful Scope Art Fair for this year!

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