The Rascals: Once Upon A Dream at The Richard Rogers Theatre

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Seeing The Rascals back together after  40 years was such a rare treat.  This would not have been possible without Steven Van Zandt ‘s input as a writer, producer and director.

What was truly amazing about this concert was that it was a lot more than just a regular live gig.  The production  had  combined a film play and concert all in one.

As soon as the screen comes down as the story is set in motion, out comes the Rascals playing the song “It’s Wonderful.”  You then see each individual Rascal’s huge face on the screen, talking about was it was like forming the band and how they evolved.  Then after a few songs the little movie clips show four young actors portraying The Rascals.   Now, like The Beatles, each member of The Rascals was equally important, starting with Felix Cavaliere who wrote and sang most of the hit songs and played all the keyboards.  Eddie Brigati, the other writer in the band who sang on a lot of their songs also had a very strong voice.  Dino Danelli is one of the most amazing drummers around and has a unique style of swilling his sticks.  Gene Cornish grooves all those heavy guitar riffs to make the Rascals sound so distinct.

What was very interesting about this show  was that instead of it being a greatest hits show, of the 28 songs used in the set, there were so many great albums tracks that were never performed live before.

So along with hearing “Groovin'”, “Good Lovin'”,” (I’ve Been) Lonely Too Long”, “A Beaufiful Morning” and “People Got To Be Free,” the crowd was treated to songs like “Find Somebody To Love”, a personal favorite of mine, that was sung by Eddie Brigati, “Sueno,”  “It’s Love,” “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” and “What is The Reason.”  Along with some of these psychedelic tunes the band was dressed in wild sixties threads with a great trippy light show, reminiscent of The Joshua Light Show and  of old video clips of the band from back in the heyday of the swinging sixties.

Once Upon A Dream really captures the music of The Rascals and the 1960’s so well that it took me back to a much better time in the world when anything seemed possible!

After seeing this show, it’s easy to see why The Rascals were the best American band of the 1960’s!

Bruce's World The Rascals Once Upon A Dream 102  The Rascals Once Upon A Dream 076

Bruce's World The Rascals Once Upon A Dream & Dick Wagner at Barnes& Noble 097

Bruce's World The Rascals Once Upon A Dream & Dick Wagner At Barnes & Noble 2

  1. Gerald Dillon says:

    Excellent show-great pictures Bruce!

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