The New York Art Expo always has some fine quality art of all different styles and textures.

Here are some of the fine examples from this year’s collection:

Adam Burtniek’s oil paintings capture the edgy and sexy images of women, boom boxes and skulls.

George Morillo’s abstract graffiti takes us back to the gritty era New York City.  These very exciting spray-painted images on actual subway cars really makes you think about how dedicated these graffiti artists were to their work!

Bruce's World subway car graffiti

Rich  Engler paints some amazing portraits of rock stars and actors.  His painting of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd truly captures the realism of the musician’s persona.

Bruce's World Roger Waters

Nirit Levav -Packer has these extremely original sculptures of different breeds of dogs in a style of texture that I have never seen before.

Bruce's World dog sculpture

Now that’s just a short overview from this year’s Art Expo, and there are so many more wonderful artists that have exhibited their fantastic artwork here!

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