Whisky Live 2013

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Whisky Live is an annual Scottish event that happens every April at Pier 60 at The Chelsea Piers. Jeff  Connell does a wonderful job as the digital media and marketing manager, along with Dave Sweet who is the director of operations and sales. Without these two very important gents this annual event would not be possible.

Of course, this event  always has  fantastic live Scottish music. This year  I was very much entertained by a band that plays Celtic music called The Rogues. The players consist of Nelson Stewart, a great lead vocalist, piano player, guitarist, mandolin, drums, horns and tambourine. His wife, Jeanie Stewart, has a great singing voice as well. Corey Walden plays a mean fiddle, while Doug Macrae plays very amazing highland pipes and Lyric Todkill plays guitar, deger pipes, whistle and keyboards. Lastly, Tyson Kipfer  rounds off the groups’ bass lines.

There were so many great whiskys to try. I decided to check out Mackmyra, a Swedish  Malt Whisky  that carries a new experience.  Their slogan is “A whisky for you who lives a life less ordinary.” There was a charming lady, Laura Buccian, who really knows how to make every whisky taster feel at home.

I discovered  a very special company, The Soiree Company, from Butler, New Jersey,  which had some very interesting devices like the Tilt. It’s a stainless steel ball  with freezer gel that you drop into your drink. It keeps it cold. No need for ice anymore. They also have a Stopair, which is a wine stopper and preserver. It saves any liquid that can spoil when exposed to oxygen. Just insert it into your bottle and pump the Stopair 10 to 15 times to remove excess air from the bottle.

So to recap, the Whisky Live event  has a lot more exciting things going on then just whisky tasting. They give master classes in the Art of Whisky and also provide some tasty meats, pasta and breads to absorb the whisky while still keeping all your taste bud senses alive and well.

Jeff Connell

Jeff Connell

Dave Sweet

Dave Sweet

The Rogues

The Rogues

Laura Buccian presents MackMyra Swedish Whisky

Laura Buccian presents MackMyra Swedish Whisky

Chill it with "The Tilt" from The Soiree Company

Chill it with “The Tilt”
from The Soiree Company

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