The 2013 International Winter Gift Fair

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The International Gift Fair happens twice a year, in winter and in summer. What is quite amazing is the wide variety of many different products from all over the globe.

I try to find the most unique items that stand out.

Here are a few examples from this year’s Winter International Gift Fair:

-Manuel Ferreiro from Mexico City has designed fascinating bronze sculptures of eye glasses, thumb tacks, pad locks, guitars, screws, light bulbs and more in a funny, humorous fashion.

Eye Glasses      Pipe Sculpture 2

-Fellow Mexicans Carlos and Albert have designed wonderful ceramic papier mache jungle animals in a cartoon environment. They have hippo driving cars, elephants on buses and giraffes seating on bookcases among so many other enriching animal sculptures.

Painted Pony              Elephant and Pig

– Jac Zagoory Designs of pen and metal hail right out of New York.  Jac designs zany household products with a twist. He has hippo and alligator staplers, and snake pen holders. His products have been used in such magazines as O and Elle Decor.

Bronze Hippo Head

Lastly, there is this outlandish company called Suck UK and, yes, you guessed it, they are from London. My personal favorite is The Shot Gun Flask. It is guaranteed to make your drinking experence have that extra little buzz. Well, you know that the Brits really know how make gifts with a little slapstick humor!

Suck UK

Now that’s my brief report of this year’s Winter International Gift Fair!  So, until this summer, try checking out these products from various companies around the world!

  1. alanxie2006 says:

    Hi Bruce, i am looking for more best gifts to add to my new website, . Can you tell me where this year’s Winter International Gift Fair will be? Many thanks! Kent

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