Interview With Don Brewer

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Interview With Don Brewer (Of Grand Funk Railroad) 1/4/2013

 BA – Tell us about the current line-up of Grand Funk Railroad

DB – Me and original bass player Mel Schacher, along with singer Max Carl from 38 Special and Jack Mack  Heart Attack, lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, best known for being in Kiss for 12 years, and keyboardist Tim Cashion. We formed this version of the band in 2000.  I met Max Carl at a Peavey Amps guitar show. He rehearsed with us and I knew that he was the right fit and captured the Grand Funk songs  just right.

BA– Tell us how the original  Grand Funk band got back together in 1997?

DB – Classic Rock Radio in the 1990’s was big on getting bands from the 1960’s and 70’s to reunite. So in 1996 we tried to see if it would work and it did.

BA – How did you get involved with doing the benefit concert for Bosnia?

DB -David Fishof, our manager,  knew the Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey.

BA – Tell us about playing in Terry Knight And The Pack

DB – It was Mark Farner and me. Terry Knight was the singer. Mark was the bass player originally until the  lead guitar player was drafted into the army and then Mark played guitar.

BA – Tell us about your first bands that you played in.

 DB – I was in The Jazz Masters. My first band was The Red Devils when I was 11 years old.

BA – What about the group Flint that you formed With Mel Schaher and Craig Frost.

DB – When Grand Funk split up we had to find another group so we did Flint. It was on Sony Records and we were able to go on the road on tour.

BA – How did it happen that you wrote and sang lead on We’re An American Band, which  was Grand Funk Railroad’s biggest hit?

DB – I brought the song into rehearsal and it just worked.

BA – What about the great video for the song?

DB – Photographer Lynn Goldsmith put together this film and it just had a life of its own.

BA – How did you get involved with playing in Bob Seger’s band?

DB – In the early days on Grand Funk we played on the same bill with The Bob Seger System at The Mount Holly Ski Resort.

BA – What was it like growing up in the Detroit music scene in the 1960’s with groups  like The Stooges, The Rationals, Mitch Ryder, The Amboy Dukes and Bob Seger Stystem?

DB – Because we were the only group from Flint, most people considered us outside the edges  from Detroit.

BA – What drummers influenced you growing up?

DB – Mitch Mitchell, DinoDanelli and Bernard Purdy.

BA – Why is Grand Funk Railroad not in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

DB – Because Rolling Stone Magazine controls the artists the get in and they are very corporate.

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