Review of Beware Of Mr.Baker

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Beware Of Mr. Baker

This  film is  one of the most insightful documentaries of the great drummer Ginger Baker.

Jay Bulger tracked down Mr. Baker who was living in South Africa.

He also moved in with him while he interviewed Ginger Baker and finished his film there as well.

Mr. Baker was not the most pleasant person to deal with, as Mr. Bulger captures this  so well.

There is some really cool  vintage footage from Mr. Bakers past  groups from Cream To Blind Faith.

This film might be a bit painful to watch but it’s a realistic portrayal of a very talented drummer that struggles to cope with drugs and financial problems.

Ginger Baker was an amazing drummer who took a downhill road,  but Mr. Bulger,  despite having a major obstacle, managed to  direct a superb piece of film history on a legendary musician!

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