American International 2012 Toy Fair

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s quite a gas checking out all the new toy products at the American International Toy Fair.

Safari Ltd has been in the business for 30 years.They specialize in educational hand painted repilcas of zoo animals, dragons and fantasy figures.They sell worldwide to zoos, aquariums and museums. All of Safari’s products are bio-degradable and lead free to safeguard children’s health and protect the environment.They also now use Geami, 100%  recyciable packaging material.This company members are affililiated with Sierra Club, The National Conservancy, Big Cat Rescue, New Your Cares and so mamy other green causes that makes them a really human corporation.


Lego is one of the most important companies in the toy business.They are always putting out exciting new products.The transport chopper,Tracked Crane , Jet Plane  and The Batmobile are just some of new fantastic items coming out.


The Diamond Comic distrbutors represent DC Unlimited that make some amazing figurines like the Spy vs Spy characters from Mad Magazine and other great superheroes


Funko makes these zany 9 inch vinyl figurines and bobble heads of charactors like Ramones, Kiss, Elvis, Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine ,Mickey Mouse and several others.


Fly Ocean, a company from China that designs these incredible inflatible ballooons for Halloween and Christmas decorations.They are very large and will fill an entire room for any occasion or holiday.


Eco Bonk is a brand new company out of Brookyln, New York.They make these boi-degradable fun inflatable Bop Bag toys.You can love them, hug them and help them bounce back.

Hello Kitty now has some really cutting -edge products like this Hello Kitty Kiss.

Kids Bop is a company that specializes in tweenie pop music from music cd’s to microphones and pianos for preteens to young adults  to play with.

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