2012 Summer International Gift Fair

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

There were so many exciting new products to see at the Summer International Gift Fair.

 The DCI company have an amazing assortment of very fun items like giant pillows of high top sneakers and cassette tapes.DCI also has some very useful gadgets that connect to your i phone like this blimp fan to cool you off on a hot summer day.


The Rise And Fall make hand printed and organic cotton pillows with very trendy images of cats,owls,skulls and rabbits.


Rock Off  has officially licensed products of Rock and Roll items of bands such as  The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd ,The Who, Kiss and Sex Pistols. Included are merchandise items such as  tote bags, mugs, key chains, magnets and other really cool stuff.


Mr. Somebody & Mr. Nobody makes some incredible handcrafted items to die for, like this Luxury German Sedan Box. It’s a car where the top opens up to reveal secret compartments.There are also radios that  open to store things in and hand carved crocodile and a plucked chicken box (A really funny product).


Ecoarts are a Brazilian home collection of unique  decorative accessories  that include glass art, metal flowers , hand painted lamps,ceramic cherries, apples, pears and flowers and many other fine products.They always have a great yearly party at their showroom at 7 West 34th St  with live band and serve up some wonderful Brazilian food and soda.

Mood Entertainment puts out superb CD music collections of all kinds of music.

Suck UK. from London always has some very cutting – edge products.This year was the Smoking Mittens and the Terrorist Teapot.


Fork-Up is a company that makes  holders for cellphones, tooth brushes and many other household items.


Elope is a costume company that has been at many gift fair shows and has the most amazing hats like this  Egyptian one pictured below.

If these items ticked your fancy, just wait until the 2013 International Gift Fair

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